The Aragon Research Globeā„¢ for Sales Coaching and Learning, 2020

Sales Coaching and Learning Globe

Prediction: By YE 2021, 55% of enterprises will eliminate their classroom-based sales training initiatives and shift to digital sales coaching and learning (70% probability).

-Aragon Research

The demand for better onboarding and training has caused the sales coaching and learning (SCL) market to experience strong growth over the past year.

As companies prepare for the post-pandemic era, remote work is shifting the focus from classroom sessions to digital learning, coaching, and training.

In this report, Aragon Research provides a deep dive into the sales coaching and learning market including:

  • The value that modern sales coaching and learning technology provides to organizations
  • The components of SCL technology
  • Analysis of each of the top 15 vendors – Bigtincan named a leader