Shifting Focus from File Hunting to Customer Experience and Collaboration

Across all of its brands, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s sales force must manage and execute on a wide range of products and offerings, making mobile productivity crucial. With so many staff members working in the field and in different regions, Thermo Fisher aims to:

  • Establish one source of content and data for the global sales force
  • Reduce time spent searching and surfing through internal sites for necessary documents and files
  • Offer a more effective mobile application for workers to use without the need of other outside apps and tools
  • Promote collaboration across sales reps through up-to-date information and sharing capabilities
  • Improve overall effectiveness of the sales force, and increase time spent with customers and peers

Jasmine Zheng, Thermo Fisher’s global sales force effectiveness platforms manager, noted: “Bigtincan not only provided a simpler and more efficient way for the sales force to obtain the materials they required, it also made it possible to house their own information and share information. The system cuts down the downtime in the home office and enables our sales force to spend more time in front of their customers and peers.”

We must be extremely adept at harnessing mobile capabilities so our field team has the most relevant content and real-time resources when they need it most. Bigtincan Hub allows us to do that through a single, compelling user interface.

Chris O’Leary, Director of Global Sales Force Effectiveness Platforms for Thermo Fisher

Amplifying Mobile Accessibility for a Sales Force On the Move

Given its large number of employees and ever-expanding product and service offerings, ThermoFisher needed a solution that would:

  • Simplify the delivery and organization of up-to-date materials and messaging for the sales force
  • Better understand which sales materials the sales force uses and how they are used
  • Enable collaboration across sales reps and improve mobile content creation

“The knowledge and skills of the Life Technologies brand sales force has been a strong differentiator in the market. Our goal is to ensure our sales force can always provide our customers with the best experiences possible. That means we must be extremely adept at harnessing mobile capabilities so our field team has the most relevant content and real-time resources when they need it most,” said Chris O’Leary, director of global sales force effectiveness platforms for Thermo Fisher. “Bigtincan allows us to do that through a single, compelling user interface, while providing us with a feedback loop on how our content is resonating in the field. Adoption of this solution was easy to justify because we saw the value immediately.”

Delivering the Right Content to the Right Customer at the Right Time

To meet these needs, Thermo Fisher deployed Bigtincan, the world’s leading mobile-first content enablement platform that puts content in context, delivering the right content to the right user based on role, time, location, association and/or event – with all the automation and tools needed to engage with content in one integrated, intuitive platform. The organization selected the platform for sales force use across its Life Technologies brand to reduce content overload, improve collaboration and streamline the content production process by analyzing and providing insights around which content is being used most frequently in the sales process.

Today, Thermo Fisher’s Life Technologies sales reps are able to search for, access and utilize

information pertaining to the organization’s more than 50,000 catalog products through Bigtincan. The sales force can also create, comment on and collaborate on a wide range of file types including PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs and more, which makes assembling necessary customer information and interacting with that information from a mobile device simple and easy. Being able to assemble customer content packages and materials from any location reduces the time sales reps are forced to spend in the office and increases the time spent with prospects and peers. Bigtincan has become a critical component for Thermo Fisher’s ongoing mobility evolution and ensures the company can better match content with the specific needs of its sales force.

Since implementing Bigtincan’s mobile content enablement platform in February 2014, ThermoFisher’s Life Technologies brand has gained approximately five percent in productivity across its sales staff, which equates to an extra selling day every month.