Vector Fleet Management Drives Customer Service Forward with bigtincan hub

Vector Fleet Management Drives Customer Service Forward with bigtincan hub

BOSTON – March 27, 2014 – bigtincan, a leader in mobile content enablement, today announced that Vector Fleet Management, is using bigtincan hub to deliver important vehicle information to its customers and reduce content overload across the organization. Through bigtincan hub’s centralized application, Vector Fleet Management is able to provide real-time delivery of maintenance truck schedules, invoices and various documents, making it easier for customers to access the most up to date information on vehicles. bigtincan hub is a single unified solution that securely delivers the right content to the right users at the right time and location. The company’s proprietary technology, ContentIQ, provides an innovative content scoring system that highlights and prioritizes content – saving customers time searching for the most important content while providing insight into what content is being used, how often and by whom. This helps Vector Fleet Management reduce the cycles and costs associated with creating and finding valuable content.

“Prior to implementing bigtincan hub, our organization was limited to sending emails to our customers every time a schedule or invoice was updated,” said, Steve Moore of Vector Fleet Management. “That process was time intensive and was somewhat disruptive to productivity. With bigtincan hub, we’re able to provide our customers with all of the information they need in one place at the time that they need it – creating a much more seamless experience.”

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 60 percent of North American marketers are increasing their investment in content marketing, yet six in 10 marketers believe that they are not effective at creating and distributing content to attract and retain customers. bigtincan hub provides intelligent insight into content utilization – meaning who is using what content, how often and when – which then enables organizations to optimize content effectiveness, prioritize content investments and unlock field expertise for knowledge sharing across teams, to create expert networks.

Patrick Welch, COO and President of bigtincan said, “Having to email customers every time content is updated creates extra work, provides no insight into whether the content has been absorbed and can lead to larger mistakes down the road. Furthermore, requiring customers to check and search their email inbox for the latest updates, diminishes the customer experience. With bigtincan hub, Vector Fleet Management is opening lines of direct communication between the organization and its customers and ensuring maximum productivity, while having a tremendous impact on their operations.”

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bigtincan is transforming the way business is done on mobile devices. The company’s mobile content enablement solution, bigtincan hub, is a unified set of productivity capabilities that enables users to securely and effectively engage with the right content at the right time in the right location – no matter where the content resides. bigtincan provides intelligent insight into the interaction, utilization and value of content within an organization, while providing unprecedented security control and governance over content usage and sharing. Founded in 2011 with headquarters in Boston, MA and regional offices in Paris, Singapore and Sydney, the company has customers across a variety of industries including: government, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing retail and technology. For more information, please visit or follow @bigtincan on Twitter.

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