bigtincan hub Dramatically Improves Sales and Service Team Effectiveness, So They Can Make Every Customer Interaction Count

BOSTON, Mass. – February 4, 2016 – Bigtincan, a leader in mobile content enablement for field sales and service organizations, today announced its latest version of Btincan Hub™, an easy-to-use mobile sales and service enablement platform. Designed to make sales and service professionals more effective, Bigtincan Hub automatically delivers all the content, knowledge and expertise that a mobile workforce needs to do its job. Organized in the context of a user’s role or task and delivered in the right time frame directly to the user’s mobile device, Bigtincan Hub delivers all the tools sales and service professionals need to create and customize content.

“Mobile devices have created a complete paradigm shift in the way people want to access and work with content,” said David Keane, CEO of Bigtincan. “With our latest version of Bigtincan Hub, we’re continuing to transform how work is done on mobile devices, enabling users to engage with any type of content in new and exciting ways and automate manual processes to increase the productivity of the workforce in ways not previously possible.”

Bigtincan Hub enables sales and service professionals to make every customer interaction count by empowering organizations to:

  • Organize, Deliver & Manage: By organizing and embedding the most relevant sales content into the way that sales and service professionals work, bigtincan hub ensures that the right content and knowledge needed for any scenario is automatically delivered to the right user’s mobile device, at the right time and location – regardless of where that content resides.
  • Engage: bigtincan hub automatically delivers and properly renders a wide variety of content types with a user-friendly interface, providing an incredible user experience with work continuity across multiple screen sizes. It offers numerous improvements to the way in which users can engage with customers including content broadcasting to and white-boarding with remote colleagues, prospects and customers in real-time.
  • Prepare, Collaborate & Communicate: bigtincan hub provides all the tools mobile users need to create, customize and collaborate with others. Sales people can easily create custom presentations tailored for a specific customer, use case or industry. Users can also bring remote experts into presentations via video chat functionality or collaborate with peers or experts via text chat or voice conference.
  • Automate: bigtincan hub enables organizations to eliminate manual processes and streamline workflows on mobile devices. Along with automatic recording of the presented or shared content directly into a CRM system, bigtincan hub enables users to easily create and deliver forms that capture data and provide interactive functionality that improves customer engagement. bigtincan hub also provides automatic content recommendations based on a user’s role, association, task, stage of sales cycle or what experts and peers are using.
  • Measure & Report: bigtincan hub provides the ability to audit and report on the utilization of content at a detailed level. This helps content producers understand which content works best when, what pieces should be archived and which ones need to be improved. bigtincan hub correlates content assets’ impact on sales pipeline and revenue.

Delivered in a single app with an intuitive user experience, the latest version of Bigtincan Hub will be available on all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry OS for purchase through Bigtincan’s network of authorized resellers later this quarter.

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Bigtincan transforms the way that field sales and service organizations access, interact with, present and collaborate on content, as well as how they engage with customers when using their mobile devices. Its market-leading mobile content enablement platform, Bigtincan Hub, puts content in context, delivering the right content to the right users based on role, time, location, association and/or event - with all the automation and productivity tools needed to engage with content in one integrated, intuitive platform. Organizations around the globe and across all industries rely on Bigtincan to ensure the productivity of their workforces when using mobile devices and to make every customer interaction count. For more information, please visit or follow @bigtincan on Twitter.


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