At the heart of the Bigtincan® Hub™ is our intelligent automation. This software unifies and automates a variety of sales, marketing, and customer service tasks to help teams be more productive.

So, what exactly is intelligent automation software? Though the term sounds pretty vague, intelligent automation can be described as a combination of AI and machine learning that serves a variety of roles, like data collection and analysis, content recommendations, and other basic but arduous tasks that today’s sales and marketing teams just don’t have time for.

Intelligent automation software gives marketing teams a deeper understanding of how customers interact with sales content and how sales reps use that content in their daily activities.

Our reporting tools provide content usage analytics that reveals which pieces are working — or not — so you can make strategic decisions based on real customer interactions with your brand.

Built-in SalesAI uses machine learning and predictive analytics to “learn” from your actions, making smarter content recommendations to users over time, while automated delivery ensures sellers the most relevant content to prepare for meetings and present to buyers.

From learning to analytics, Bigtincan’s sales enablement automation tools prepare salespeople to make the most of any customer engagement.

Bigtincan’s intelligent automation software helps salespeople turn customer engagements into long-term relationships. With personalization tools, predictive content discovery, and automated content management and delivery, sellers have everything they need to take the buyer experience to the next level.

  • Improve productivity – Bigtincan helps sellers save a ton of time with built-in automations. Users can log meetings in their CRM or personalize presentations within a matter of clicks. Customizable reporting dashboards come with real-time updating, and mobile access to sales collateral and training materials means sellers are always prepared to engage with buyers.
  • Optimize content delivery – Bigtincan’s SalesAI automates content delivery, ensuring that salespeople receive on-demand content, just-in-time skills training, and the ability to personalize presentations on the fly.
  • Streamlined content management – Connect with a range of content repositories like Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. Users can upload content to their preferred platform and it will automatically sync to the hub. Bigtincan also automates content tagging and organization, allowing sellers to search for what they need by stage, customer, or content type.
  • Smart recommendations – Bigtincan’s smart recommendations empower sellers by predictively delivering content tailored to their role and selling situation. Salespeople no longer need to waste time searching for files; instead, all relevant materials are right at their fingertips, automatically delivered to their mobile device.

Bigtincan's sales enablement & intelligent automation tools elevates sellers to the next-level

As it stands, LinkedIn has around 8,800 sales enablement jobs listed on their website. In other words, sales enablement has really caught on and is a full-time job on its own.

Bigtincan Hub brings sales and marketing together at last. Our software is equipped with a range of collaboration tools that break down the barrier between the two departments.

We’ve combined marketing automation software data with what’s inside the CRM, creating an environment where there’s a unified focus on effective selling methods and improved customer outcomes.

Bigtincan’s intelligent automation software offers guided selling throughout the entire sales cycle thanks to built-in machine learning and predictive analytics that learn from real sellers’ experiences. Our Sales AI analyzes sales and marketing activities, along with prospect and customer interactions, helping sales, service, and marketing teams make better use of their time with data-backed recommendations.

Additionally, automated content selection and delivery means that sellers always have the right materials for any sales situation, optimized based on device and format preferences.

While many sales enablement automation tools come with complex reporting functions that make it hard to uncover actionable insights, Bigtincan makes it easy.

Other sales, marketing, and field service teams may turn to IT or other technical resources to build the dashboards and reports they depend on to drive revenue. The people who use these tools each day, however, often end up with over-powered, complex reports that mask key insights.

With Bigtincan’s dynamic reporting tools, even non-technical users can quickly visualize user data and identify which factors drive success or cause prospects to abandon the sales funnel. As a result, teams can spend their time creating relevant, high-quality content and measure the impact of their efforts.

Bigtincan’s collaboration and coaching tools make it easy to run meetings, send proposals, and learn on the go. They bring visibility to users, allowing your teammates to understand how their colleagues operate. What was once intangible is now accessible — teams can learn from each other and set up strategies and approaches that yield the best possible outcomes.

Bigtincan Hub helps companies achieve these outcomes with a handful of tools that make coaching a breeze. That same sales content automation engine delivers training materials to sellers on any device. Video coaching, cloud-based access, and in-app events, as well as an accessible content library, make on-the-job training convenient and personal, increasing the chances your sellers will make learning part of their daily routine.