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Bigtincan is a publicly traded company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: BTH). The ASX includes some of the world’s leading resource, finance and technology companies with a total market capitalization of about $1.5 trillion. Below are all of Bigtincan’s ASX Announcements.

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    Meet our Board of Directors.

    • Tom Amos headshot

      Tom Amos

      Independent Non-Executive Chairman
      Audit and Risk Committee Member
      Remuneration and Nominations Committee Member
    • Wayne Stevenson Headshot

      Wayne Stevenson

      Independent Non-Executive Director
      Audit and Risk Committee Chair
      Remuneration and Nominations Committee Member
    • David Keane headshot

      David Keane

      Executive Director, CEO and Co-Founder
    • Inese Kingsmill headshot

      Ms Inese Kingsmill

      Independent Non-Executive Director
      Remuneration and Nominations Committee Chair
    • Timothy Ebbeck

      Independent Non-Executive Director

    Download our Governance reports.

    Bigtincan Corporate Governance Report
    Audit and Risk Committee Charter
    Board Charter
    Code of Conduct
    Renumeration and Nominations Committee Charter
    Securities Trading Policy
    Accounting Policies
    Whistleblower Policy
    Modern Slavery Statement

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    Investor enquiries

    Mark Ohlsson

    Company Secretary +61 400 801 814

    Jane Morgan

    Jane Morgan Management +61 405 555 618