BOSTON – April 9, 2014 – Bigtincan today introduced version 4.0 of the Bigtincan hub, which includes more than 100 new features to make mobile workforces more productive, including enhanced customization, usability, security and intelligence capabilities. Bigtincan hub is a unified mobile solution that securely delivers the right content to the right users at the right time and location–while providing intelligent insight into user interactions, utilization and the value of content.

Unlike file, synch and share solutions, Bigtincan hub eliminates the endless hours spent searching for content, the frustration of finding valuable content and the uncertainty of version control, by pushing the most relevant content to users through a single application.

Hologic, a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostic products, medical imaging systems and surgical products, is using Bigtincan hub within its mobile sales team to improve productivity and gain insights into content utilization patterns. “We found that 70 percent of the content we were creating was not being used. We have 8,000 files and 30 gigs of data. If 70 percent of it is not relevant, that’s clouding our reps’ view when they are trying to find something that they need,” said Brad Shafton, Senior Manager, User Services, Hologic. “Bigtincan hub has dramatically improved this process by pushing the right content to the right users at the right time. I have received emails from sales people that have said, ‘I made a sale because I had the collateral right there when I needed it.’”
New features in Bigtincan hub version 4.0 include:

• Fully customizable UI –A completely customizable user interface that allows customers to brand the app and configure how content is viewed and interacted with. Graphical images can now be used for each section of content and the home section can be completely customized to feature the most relevant content and information.

• Integrated set of productivity capabilities – Users can create, edit, annotate, share and publish content from any screen inside Bigtincan hub and share content bundles via email, a link or through social networks.

• Intelligence –Bigtincan hub’s Content Intelligence™ technology provides more insight into a user’s interaction with content, including: customized content recommendations and relevancy scores independent of location, device type, network access type and other user-specific conditions.

• Improved search –Patent-pending visual search technology presents users with easy-to-filter results and enables users to search through content, Internet feeds, and all of the dynamic interactions they have had with content or groups within Bigtincan hub, including: the others users they are following, the content that those users have subscribed to and how they have engaged with it, and information on who has access to which content.

• Enhanced security and content governance controls – CIOs and IT administrators can now control which user’s access, edit and share specific content and implement hardware-based encryption on content inside Bigtincan hub, including: user-based custom profiles that allow corporate IT to control exactly what capabilities each use has including device and website whitelisting capabilities.

• Updated content interaction tools – New capabilities like Bigtincan presentation viewer make it easy for mobile professionals to access, edit and create PowerPoint presentations from a mobile device – both in online and offline mode.

• New personal workspaces – Enables users to access and better manage personally created content and move content between cloud storage and folders within the system.

• Communications hub – Integrated controls allow content to be shared between users and groups, content to be linked to on social networks and audio and video calls to be made. Users can also follow one another and subscribe to specific content.

• Presentation broadcasting – Enables enterprise users to broadcast presentations to customers directly from a mobile device. Presentations are securely delivered and controlled remotely and can be shared with hundreds of concurrent viewers.

• HTML 5 content – Users can run locally rendered HTML5 content inside Bigtincan hub, eliminating the need to be online and providing increased performance and security. There are more than 50 new APIs in the 4.0 release.

“Making our field sales organization productive and effective by providing easy access to all the content they need on their mobile device when presenting to customers was of paramount importance to us,” said Todd Ebert CMO at ReachLocal. “The enhancements in Bigtincan 4.0 enables our sales force to be more productive and our marketing department now has the ability to push content directly to a field rep’s mobile device to ensure that they are working with the most current version at all times.”

David Keane, CEO of Bigtincan, said, “There is no reason for enterprise organizations to be limited by what mobile devices can and can’t do anymore, as we’ve created a new paradigm with Bigtincan hub. We’ve removed traditional mobile computing obstacles by providing a single solution that provides access to all the relevant content and tools that enable a mobile workforce to be productive, while including the information security and content governance needed to achieve information risk and compliance objectives. This will completely change the way people work and we’re exciting to be driving this revolution.”

Bigtincan hub 4.0 supports the latest version of Apple iOS (available for download in the iTunes store here). The Android version will be available within the next month.

Bigtincan hub 4.0 is available for purchase through our network of authorized resellers. Click here for a list of authorized resellers.

For more information on Bigtincan hub 4.0 or to request a free trial of the product, click here.


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Bigtincan has transformed the way business is done on mobile devices. The company’s innovative mobile content enablement solution, Bigtincan hub, is a unified set of productivity tools that enables users to securely and effectively engage with the right content at the right time in the right location – no matter where the content resides. Bigtincan provides intelligent insights around the interaction, utilization and value of content within an organization, while providing unprecedented control and governance over content usage and sharing. Founded in 2011 with headquarters in Boston, MA and regional offices in Paris, Singapore and Sydney, the company has customers across a variety of industries including: government, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing retail and technology. For more information, please visit or follow @bigtincan on Twitter.

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