On October 7th, we announced our latest acquisition - Agnitio A/S, a leader in e-detailing, remote selling, and creating digital sales rooms with world-class expertise in the Life Sciences Industry.  We could not be more excited to have them and their customers join our growing family. 

Our overarching vision is to empower people to be confident and effective when they interact with customers no matter where or how they engage. Agnitio’s technology matches this vision perfectly, especially in this more and more remote world. 

It's no secret that in-person engagement with customers is no longer a safe and practical option, and we believe this trend is here for the long haul. As a result, sellers and customers must find novel ways to strengthen their relationships while face-to-face meetings aren't feasible.

With the Agnitio acquisition, we will rapidly advance our remote engagement capabilities, providing a single pane of glass for people to engage with their customers in the same platform they get their onboarding, training, coaching, and sales assets.

Let’s take a look at four key areas Agnitio brings.

Life Sciences Focus, Digital Sales Rooms, e-Detailing, and the Danes.

Agnitio technology has a holistic approach to solving these challenges with a special and unique connection to use cases in the life sciences industry.  

Life Sciences Focus

Bigtican has a long history with life science companies including Big Pharma, medical device, and product manufacturers who provide consumables and machinery for research and clinical diagnosis. 

Agnitio’s Rainmaker platform is purposefully designed for life science companies to share information with healthcare professionals.  Due to compliance laws that can vary widely across international borders, sharing of assets is a severely regulated process. They call this “pull marketing” which means physicians and medical sellers can actively “pull” the information they need vs. sellers sending irrelevant content.  Click here for a great article on this.  

Further, Agnitio is based in Copenhagen Denmark - known as the “Medicon Valley” for its proximity to leading life sciences companies. Their team is filled with life sciences experts that will deliver in-vertical experience for our combined clients and future clients as well.

Digital Sales Rooms

Agnitio is a pioneer in the creation of secure Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs). DSRs are “digital spaces” where sales teams can collaborate with their customers both asynchronously and over video. The goal is to replicate face-to-face selling in a virtual environment, something inside sellers have done for decades but relatively new for traditional field sales. 

With the impact of the global pandemic, even more people are involved in buyer-side decision making, and DSRs are becoming the logical choice to interact with multiple stakeholders simultaneously - previously the domain of steak dinners and boardrooms.  


E-detailing is a well-established way for pharmaceutical sellers to present information on their products directly to physicians. Traditionally “detailing” was done exclusively with paper while meeting face-to-face, but is now transforming to digital platforms like the iPad. 

Compliance and regulations make this process trickier than you might think, making e-detailing capabilities an exciting new feature to add to the Bigtincan platform for our pharma and medical device clients. To learn more, check out this article from Agnitio’s website. 

Together, the new unified Bigtincan and Agnitio teams are excited to be able to bring this new approach to our customers around the world.  

Expansion in Europe

Finally, we are excited to expand our footprint to the European mainland adding the Copenhagen office to our established teams in London, Glasgow, and Israel. There’s just no substitute for local talent that can speak the language and be nearby to meet with clients in person when the world recovers. Plus, who wouldn’t want teammates from the World’s Happiest Country?

We can't wait to show you what we are passionate about and how together we can empower customer facing teams to be more productive and effective and change the way customer engagements work into the future.

Contact us to learn more about this acquisition, or to share challenges you’re seeing with engaging people in the new remote world.