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Poor Content Management is Keeping Salespeople from Selling

In a post back in July of 2017, Peter Ostrow of Sirius Decisions wrote:

“We’re wasting far too much of our reps’ time chasing content. When it comes to sales asset management, Command Center data reveals how much time sellers waste trying to find and use content that aligns with their buyers’ journey. For example, 62 percent of organizations report that reps need to look in six or more locations for sales assets; 47 percent report that reps spend 20 or more hours per month searching for, editing, creating or managing content; and only 33 percent correlate sales wins with content utilized by sales to influence the buyer’s journey. In reality, reps themselves aren’t wasting their time – organizations are wasting it for them, by neglecting to aggregate, create and manage sales assets appropriately.”

It’s not hard to understand the negative impact that this disconnected approach is having on your sales teams.

Your sales teams are not selling when they are searching for and creating new content.

You have no insight into the content they are using. Is it the approved content or is your brand being compromised? Are you at risk legally because the wrong information is being sent out?

These types of insights, along with our keen awareness of the importance of marketing and sales alignment, or more broadly, alignment across all revenue generating units (aka Revenue Operations), keeps this as an important area of focus. It was a key reason for our Bigtincan for Adobe release as through this release:

  • Businesses can easily store all content in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and deliver that centrally managed content to sales through our industry-leading sales enablement solution.
  • Businesses can aggregate all data for analysis in either their CRM or Analytics platforms. Bigtincan supports these systems for storing content usage information.
  • Businesses can use the Bigtincan email and CRM integrations to enable the sales team to work out of whatever systems they are already working in. Keeping salespeople working out of the systems they are comfortable in is critical.
  • Revenue leaders across all business units must increase their visibility to what is impacting customer acquisition and retention and building a deep understanding of how content and data is impacting their efforts is key.

Are you leveraging a whole-system approach giving you the visibility your management needs in combination with the easy to use tools your sales teams require? If not, let’s talk and see if Bigtincan is a fit for your organization.

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