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Bigtincan Included in Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales

Bigtincan Included in Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales Bigtincan Included in Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales Bigtincan has been identified as a representative vendor in the Gartner "Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales” report. Gartner identified Bigtincan as a representative vendor across all of the...

Bigtincan Named Sales Engagement Platform Leader by Aragon Research

Aragon Research Report Bigtincan Named Sales Engagement Platform Leader by Aragon Research Bigtincan was recently recognized as a leader in the Aragon Research Globe for Sales Engagement Platforms, 2016. The report, which examines 20 providers in the market, identifies Bigtincan as one to watch in guided selling and predictive content. The report also names ease...

The Problem with Portals: Moving Beyond the Limitations for Mobile Information Access

The Problem with Portals: Moving Beyond the Limitations for Mobile Information Access Up to now, portal solutions such as SharePoint have been used to provide a structured way to engage with company content—from a desktop-centric perspective. But in our app-oriented workplace, content must be more than merely “mobile-device-friendly.” It must be available and convenient for your...

Wearables in the Enterprise: The New BYOD Challenge for IT

WHITE PAPER Wearables in the Enterprise White Paper Enterprises can not ignore the age of wearables. Instead, they must address the opportunities and risks they present and carefully consider how they secure, work with, and deliver content to these devices. For the first time, we have the opportunity to think about how to do this...

The Value Shift ebook: Mobile Sales Enablement Strategy

WHITE PAPER The Value Shift eBook: Designing and Implementing A Mobile Sales Enablement Strategy In this ebook, we outline a sales enablement strategy for designing, executing and managing a B2B performance support system that continually provides the right sales content at the right time for your sales team, so they can focus more of their...

The mLearning Mandate: Strategies to Deliver Learning and Actionable Knowledge

WHITE PAPER The mLearning Mandate White Paper The mobile movement is requiring organizations to rethink their training strategies and create learning programs especially designed for mobile devices. By delivering learning and education on mobile phones, PDAs, or tablets, mLearning allows students to learn virtually anywhere. Mobile devices can have an enormous impact on organizations that are...

The Value Shift: Sales Content Strategy, The Foundation for Successful Sales Enablement

WHITE PAPER The Value Shift: Sales Content Strategy, The Foundation for Successful Sales Enablement The confluence of content management processes and technologies with the shift in buyer education and research preferences means that the time is right for companies to adopt a structured sales content program. Fill out this form to receive this whitepaper TAKE...

Search Is Dead: Accessing Information in the Mobile Moment of Need

WHITE PAPER Search Is Dead: Accessing Information in the Mobile Moment of Need The uni-dimensional file/folder construct for information management and search is no longer an appropriate paradigm in a world where content volumes and types are increasing exponentially and device volumes and types are proliferating rapidly. Fill out this form to receive this whitepaper...

Mobile Enablement for Healthcare Providers: Improving Inpatient and Outpatient Care

WHITE PAPER Mobile Enablement for Healthcare Providers: Improving Inpatient and Outpatient Care Mobile devices are changing the way organizations operate, especially in the healthcare field. Clinicians and patients alike are able to look up medical information in real time and communicate instantly. However, in order to get the most from mobile technologies, you have to...


WHITE PAPER ROI White Paper Return-on-investment (ROI) calculations have always been the cornerstone of rationalizing and prioritizing business investment decisions, regardless of the state of the economy. The significant impact that enterprise mobility can have on a business creates a compelling ROI in a number of key areas for an organization. Fill out this form...

Mobile Content Revolution in B2B Organizations

WHITE PAPER Mobile Content Revolution in B-to-B Organizations: Gaining Visibility into Content Utilization to Determine the Value of Content Understanding content value and unlocking the tribal knowledge that exists among mobile workforces is one of the key drivers that can improve how an organization operates in the age of mobile computing. By implementing Content Intelligence,...

Security and Governance for Content Distributed on Mobile Devices

WHITE PAPER Security and Governance for Content Distributed on Mobile Devices These days, business productivity depends largely on the ability to securely access and interact with a wide range of information over mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. From sales executives to field technicians, the demand for accessing corporate content securely on mobile devices...

Field Service White Paper

WHITE PAPER Field Service White Paper Knowledge is power – especially for field service technicians on job sites. An organization’s ability to communicate and share knowledge with its field workforce and deliver on time services is the key to retaining customers. Mobile content enablement platforms help improve field team performance, which increases productivity and profitability....

Mobile Sales Enablement

WHITE PAPER Mobile Sales Enablement Sales teams are the lifeblood of every organization, as they are tasked with acquiring market share and growing revenue. Access to corporate content – and understanding how to use it – is one of the greatest barriers salespeople must overcome. Mobile sales enablement is about providing dynamic, on-demand content that...

Insurance Mobile Sales Enablement

WHITE PAPER Insurance Mobile Sales Enablement Insurance carriers are providing tablet sales enablement tools to their producers/agents to help customers understand their complex products. Mobile sales enablement provides dynamic, on-demand content that can be accessed during any selling situation. It improves execution, reduces costs and increases revenue for insurance carriers of all sizes. Fill out...

Mobile Content Enablement

WHITE PAPER Mobile Content Enablement Smartphones and tablets present both the biggest change to end-user computing in the last 20 years, and an opportunity to improve productivity for individual workers. They also create an opportunity for large companies, government organizations and small businesses to change the way they transact business and improve operating results. Fill...

The Currency of Content

WHITE PAPER The Currency Of Content The New Formula for Enabling Content in a Mobile World: From productivity to message accuracy to sales effectiveness, content is the currency for the modern organization. Careful strategies to aggregate, curate, and deliver the right content to the right people at the right time are non-negotiable requirements in an...

Moneyball: Use Content Intelligence and Analytics

WHITE PAPER Moneyball: Use Content Intelligence and Analytics to Build a Successful Sales Team If you’re a sports or movie fan, you’re probably familiar with Moneyball, the story of how the Oakland A’s used sabermetrics to build and sustain a winning ball club. Now statistical analysis can be used to create a successful sales team...

Content Overload: Fighting Back Against Unused Content

WHITE PAPER Fighting Back Against Unused Content: How over-creating and under-utilizing content impacts your bottom line Today, as much as 70 percent of content churned out by marketing sits unused, even though a majority of the content is created specifically for sales enablement. "Content overload" is a problem that can be solved by determining which...


Bigtincan Company Overview

Bigtincan transforms the way sales and service organizations interact with content & engage with customers when using their mobile devices.

Bigtincan Solution Overview

Bigtincan hub enables field sales and service organizations to easily access, present and collaborate on any type of content to customers when using their mobile devices.

Bigtincan hub

Bigtincan hub enables organizations to take advantage of the mobility revolution through the secure delivery of the right content to the right users at the right time and location, across any device and network. Organizations rely on Bigtincan hub to make their mobile workforces more productive and transform the type of business that can be accomplished on mobile devices.

Bigtincan hub + Forms

Bigtincan Forms enables enterprises to implement process improvements for mobile workforces without requiring an entirely new infrastructure platform in order to incorporate forms and process workflow. bigtican Forms enables users to submit complete, media-rich and error-free forms, anywhere, from any mobile or desktop device, securely and in real time.

Bigtincan for Microsoft Windows

Bigtincan hub for Windows extends mobile productivity to devices running Microsoft Windows 8 including tablet devices and traditional computers.

Bigtincan for Microsoft SharePoint

Need to deliver content stored in Microsoft SharePoint® to mobile devices instantly and securely? Bigtincan hub enables IT administrators and enterprise users to easily publish and synchronize content between SharePoint and any mobile devices through Bigtincan hub publishing tools.

Bigtincan hub for Box

Bigtincan hub brings mobile productivity, social intelligence and any time, any where access to the files your company has stored on Box.

Case Studies

Discover how Bigtincan® customers of all sizes, and across all industries, are leveraging Bigtincan hub™ to enable their workforces to be more productive on their mobile devices.

Merck Case Study

CASE STUDY Merck Case Study Merck selected the hub for internal communication purposes across its Human Health business unit, and its sales force across the Animal Health brand, to ensure mobile users had the most up-to-date content and information the moment they needed it. The Bigtincan hub solution also provides Merck with interactive tools to enhance conversations with...

TMF Group Case Study

CASE STUDY TMF Group Case Study TMF Group wanted to solve content management challenges while also selecting a supplier that could integrate with its intranet platform and secure containerized environments. They knew they needed a content solution that would accommodate how people already worked at TMF Group, otherwise people wouldn’t use it. The solution needed...

Vector Fleet Case Study

CASE STUDY Vector Fleet Management Vector Fleet Management is a U.S. owned and operated dedicated fleet maintenance service provider, serving fleets across the government, including State/DOT, municipal/ county and utility branches, and commercial industries. Read this case study to learn how the firm implemented Bigtincan hub and both automated the delivery of content and email...

Thermo Fisher Case Study

CASE STUDY Thermo Fisher Case Study One of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s sales teams must access and use information on more than 50,000 catalog products during a typical sales cycle. Providing access to the most up-to-date product information is critical to the field team. Since implementing Bigtincan hub, one sales team has “harnessed mobile capabilities,” and...

Rich’s Foods Case Study

CASE STUDY Rich's Foods Case Study For years, Rich’s mobile workforce relied upon a variety of mobile applications to access, edit and share content on iPads. While technically all of the right tools were available, the lack of a single, unified platform inevitably created an inconsistent and frustrating user experience. Read this case study to...

ANZ Bank Case Study

CASE STUDY ANZ Bank Case Study ANZ Bank was confronted with many of the challenges of any large, global organization, including fragmented or siloed expertise and a vast and unwieldy library of hard-copy educational and promotional materials. Read this case study to learn how Bigtincan hub enhanced their customer relationships and added cross-selling opportunities. Fill...

PAIGE Denim Case Study

CASE STUDY PAIGE Denim Case Study PAIGE Denim, a fine clothing line, was seeking to replace their File Transfer Protocol (FTP) method of storing and accessing images of new collections of jeans. Read this case study to learn how Bigtincan hub improved the company’s field sales process with distributors by making it easier for sales...

Jones Junction Case Study

CASE STUDY Jones Junction Case Study Jones Junction, a Maryland-based auto dealer, needed to keep sales details, customer testimonials and competitors’ information at its sales staff’s fingertips, and switched from bulky, hard-copy sales binders, to sleek iPads. But the firm quickly realized the staggering logistical challenges of keeping the tablets’ content up-to-date. Read this case...

CASE STUDY Case Study’s 900+ employees are found in disparate locations at any given time, and the firm needed a way to: • Regularly deliver unified, up-to-date messaging and content to its far-flung workforce • Validate who was responsible for which content • Enable feedback on shared content Read this case study to...

Solution Briefs

Download our informative solution briefs on specific features, integrations and specialized capabilities of the Bigtincan hub™ mobile content enablement platform.


Mobile Devices Transform the In-Store Experience
Retailers who use mobile devices with customers can solve problems and increase sales via the delivery of content and knowledge to the device.

Bigtincan hub + Forms

Bigtincan Forms enables enterprises to implement process improvements for mobile workforces without requiring an entirely new infrastructure platform in order to incorporate forms and process workflow. bigtican Forms enables users to submit complete, media-rich and error-free forms, anywhere, from any mobile or desktop device, securely and in real time.

From Mobile Applications to User Enablement in 3 Easy Steps

Enabling the mobile workforce to be productive is the ultimate goal of any mobile business initiative. While the idea that mobile devices like the iPad, Galaxy Tab and today’s leading smartphones can change how users work in the enterprise is well established, the real challenge is how to enable a mobile workforce to have device access to all the different content they need to do their job without having to circumvent security and content governance objective or require users to learn a mix of consumer oriented software tools and work in different user interfaces in order to be productive. Viewing, editing, annotating and sharing content must be available from the same application.

Bigtincan hub Integration With  

Bigtincan hub’s tight integration with® automates the process of logging mobile sales content activities back to account, opportunity or contact records as well as gives you unmatched insights into the effectiveness of your content at any given stage of the sales process.

Mobile Content Enablement Solution For Government  

Governments are turning to new technology platforms to centralize content management that provides exceptional mobile accessibility for government officials and staff that supports them to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


February 17-18, 2016
Bigtincan webinar Replay: Preview the Upcoming Release of hub 5.0
Bigtincan pioneered the market for mobile content enablement. With Bigtincan hub 5.0, new capabilities will make sales and service teams more effective when engaging customers with content on any device. Join Bigtincan’s founder and CEO, David Keane, to learn what’s new.

Attend this webinar replay and learn how to:

        • Change The Way Users Get Content From “Pull To Push”
        • Present and Engage With Any Type Of Content In New & Exciting Ways
        • Provide An Amazing User Experience That Ensures User Adoption
        • Embed Content Into The Way Sales & Service People Work
        • Powerful Capabilities To Customize & Share Content
        • Monitor, Measure & Correlate Financial & Performance Impact Of Content
        • Aggregate Content From Any Repository, Securely

The latest version of Bigtincan hub will be available on all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry OS for purchase through Bigtincan’s network of authorized resellers later this quarter.

January 27, 2016
Bigtincan + MobileIron webinar Replay: Securing Enterprise Content Repositories for the Mobile World
Business productivity depends on the ability to securely access and interact with content on mobile devices wherever that content resides. Join MobileIron and BigTinCan for an informative webinar where you will learn how you can:

                        • Provide mobile access to the content your employees need to do their job, regardless of what content repository it resides in
                        • Ensure access to repositories on mobile devices that does not compromise security or compliance objectives

Presented by: Brian Cleary – Chief Strategy Officer, Bigtincan | Pearce Aurigemma – Senior Business Development Manager, MobileIron

September 30, 2015
Bigtincan webinar Replay: Bigtincan’s Mobile Sales Enablement Solution for AT&T
Since implementing Bigtincan hub, AT&T’s wireless division has provided their global salesforce with all the mobility tools that they need to successfully engage with content (create, edit, annotate & share). It has improved how reps interact with their enterprise prospects/customers, increased cross-selling opportunities, reduced time-wasting non-selling activities (such as recreating content that already existed), and ensured that reps are working with the latest content.
Watch this replay and learn how AT&T is delivering the right content at the right time to their sales team – directly to their mobile devices – and gaining real-time insight into the content that has the most impact on sales revenue.

July 8, 2015
Bigtincan webinar Replay: How mobile content enablement improves field service productivity
The field service industry is booming with mobility tools to increase productivity, and content enablement is the foundation of many of them. Equipping field technicians with access to critical information is just the beginning of how you can improve field productivity.
Watch this replay and learn how mobility solutions can help you transition from paper to mobile forms, improve filed productivity by 25%, and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

July 1, 2015
Bigtincan webinar Replay: Bigtincan’s Forms Capabilities
Bigtincan Forms enables organizations to automate manual, paper-based processes on mobile devices to streamline transactions, accelerate workflows & improve productivity. Watch this replay and learn how to create and deliver forms with embedded content and interactive functionality (like product & pricing configurators or quizzes) to thousands of mobile-devices that can be used both online and offline.

June 16, 2015
Bigtincan and The Value Shift Webinar Replay: Developing a Content Strategy for Mobile Sales Enablement – A Best Practice Approach
Technical advances in mobile computing coupled with an explosion of content provides an opportunity for sales organizations to change how they engage and communicate with customers. But most organizations struggle to make sense of what content works best at each stage of the buying process, and how to embed content into the sales process. With a solid, strategic approach, sales and marketing leaders can build a content system that dynamically delivers the knowledge, content and resources sales reps need to be more successful. Join David Keane, Bigtincan’s founder & CEO, and Marc McNamara, Chief Content Strategist for The Value Shift, and learn how to build a sales content strategy.

May 6, 2015
Bigtincan webinar replay: Mobile Sales Enablement “How-To” Guide
Ensuring that sales teams are equipped with the most effective content and selling tools is critical to realizing the highest yield out of a sales opportunity pipeline. If your organization has deployed – or is considering deploying – tablets to the field sales organization, you’ll want to attend this informative webinar. You will learn how to enable sales to be more effective when engaging with customers, and more productive while they are mobile.

April 22, 2015
Bigtincan webinar replay: Take Advantage of the Mobile Revolution
Watch this webinar replay and learn how to solve your mobile user productivity challenges by ensuring that your organization can easily access, interact, present and collaborate on any type of content when using their mobile devices.