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Why virtual sales coaching is important for sales enablement.

There’s no doubt that coaching is a critical component for preparing your sales team to successfully engage with buyers.

A coaching program is designed to help salespeople continuously improve their performance by reinforcing the behaviors that deliver the best outcomes, correcting bad habits early on, and helping sellers develop a system for achieving their sales objectives.

However, many organizations simply don’t have the time or the budget to provide effective, face-to-face sales coaching on an ongoing basis.

As a result, video coaching software has emerged as a vital tool for driving sales readiness in organizations across every sector, offering a simple, scalable solution to ensure that salespeople have mastered the skills, tactics, and product knowledge needed to successfully engage buyers.

Without the ability to conduct remote sales coaching, these valuable interactions might never take place. Virtual sales coaching gives virtual sales coaches the ability to create an in-person like experience while providing more flexibility to their sellers.

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Why organizations are implementing video-based sales training.

Virtual sales coaches help sellers develop the skills, strategies, and expertise needed to drive deals forward without the need to be in-person.

Though many organizations lack the time or resources to deliver adequate in-person coaching and sales training videos, virtual sales coaching software makes it easy to ensure that sellers receive hands-on mentorship and individualized feedback regularly so they can keep improving — and effectively close more deals.

Staying adaptable is key to long-term success. Video-based sales training allows organizations to prevent sellers from getting stuck in their ways by continuously building knowledge and addressing weaknesses as they emerge. Coaching is one of the best ways to help your “second string” players fine-tune their skills, allowing organizations to stop relying on a few top sellers to close most of the deals.

According to CSO Insights, implementing a sales coaching program has been shown to drive double-digit gains in win rates and quota attainment, while Vantage Point Performance found that sales coaching can improve win rates by up to 29%. The stats don’t end there, but the point is sales coaching plays a major role in empowering your sales team for long-term success.

How virtual sales coaches support their sales teams.

Sales coaching should go beyond basic sales tactics or general product information. Video-based sales training and coaching allows managers to develop individualized plans to address competency gaps or prepare for a particular deal. It also gives organizations the opportunity to:

  • Create a comfortable practice environment. Video coaching gives sellers the opportunity to fine-tune their messaging. They can practice pitching a new product, work through handling objections, or nail down the key points in a presentation.
  • Drive peer learning. Virtual sales coaching isn't just about the mentor-mentee relationship. It's also a super effective tool for creating shared learning experiences. Sales teams can use virtual coaching platforms to build out a video knowledge base where sellers show their colleagues what they did to win a particular deal.
  • Provide personalized feedback. Virtual sales coaches can highlight the top submissions to show teams what "good" actually looks like in action, and weave that content into training lessons. Additionally, video coaching software offers teams an opportunity to get feedback from peers. Sellers might ask for input before sending an assignment to the manager, or teams might engage in a group critique ahead of an upcoming product launch.
  • Offer individualized support. If a salesperson is struggling at a certain point in the sales cycle, a video sales coach might ask them to submit a practice video before they walk into a meeting with a buyer. The seller gets the chance to work through that challenge with their sales coach and receive specific feedback right then and there.

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What video coaching features does Bigtincan Learning offer?

Bigtincan Learning allows sales leaders to build a comprehensive video-based sales training program designed for the modern, mobile salesforce. Here’s a quick look at some of the ways you can use our platform:

Reinforce key training concepts with hands-on video coaching.

Video coaching assignments are the perfect opportunity for sellers to put into practice what they are learning from training. With video-based sales training, sellers can practice pitching and be graded based on how well they implemented new concepts from their recent training sessions.

Save time and money with remote sales coaching.

Sellers are able to access assignments from anywhere and complete them at their own convenience (within the required completion time frame). Through our video sales coaching software, coaches are notified when submissions are made and can provide adequate feedback in a timely manner, eliminating the need for in-person coaching sessions.

Provide comprehensive feedback.

Bigtincan Learning provides coaches a wide variety of ways to provide feedback to sellers such as comments, annotations at different points in the video, star ratings, overall grades, and thumbs up or down.

Collect feedback from sellers.

Gain insight into how your sellers feel about your sales coaching and training program by sending out surveys right from the platform.

Insights connect training to performance.

Built-in analytics allow virtual sales coaches to track seller progress against their engagement with coaching assignments and training materials.

Integrates seamlessly with existing sales tools.

Bigtincan Learning integrates seamlessly with Bigtincan Hub, allowing sellers access to training and coaching resources, content, and collateral alongside CRM data and the communications tools they use to engage buyers. Integration with your CRM allows you to attribute coaching and training performance to sales success.

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