From the first day I joined Bigtincan in 2018,  I wanted to rebuild the website and give it a modern look and feel that fit the company’s personality and eye-popping customer roster

Three years and two months later, we finally accomplished that goal. 

Bigtincan customers and partners— this brand refresh is for you.

Letting Customers Retell Our Story

The phraseology around “customers first” is so overused it’s become cliche.  

But sometimes cliches shouldn’t just be ignored like so many Instagram posts you flick past every day. Sometimes they hide powerful truths that you are choosing to ignore.

So the first thing we did was talk to our customers about our website. 

Boy did they have a lot to say: “My boss couldn’t figure out what you do.”  “I can’t find anything on your site.” “Where are all the new brands and innovations that I need to know about?” 

Online conference of diverse employees on the screen

And my personal favorite: “I honestly thought you were a car company.” Ok, I admit it, that was my mom.

It wasn’t all bad, of course.  

What we heard loud and clear was that what matters most to us is how our sellers and customer-facing teams are going to engage customers in a rapidly changing, digital-first world. 

There is also a lot of anxiety out there about the future of buying and selling.  

We heard concerns like:

“What if we can’t ever go back to in-person selling?” 

“What is augmented reality and are people really using it to sell products?”  

“We’re onboarding 60 sellers a year with 45% turn-over in 18 months, what are you gonna do to help us?”

We also took the time to imagine the customers we want in the future. 

What were their dreams for their brand? 

How do they want to be perceived by their customers? 

Do they really care about DEI and are they willing to spend money to change things? 

After completing this research we knew we had to retell our story from the perspective of our customers and most importantly, their customers. 

So we went straight into Simon Sinek mode. 

Our Why, How, What

If you’ve lived under a rock and don’t know who Simon Sinek is, stop now and go watch this TED talk. You can thank me later. 

Throughout our new website and brand refresh, we lead with why, followed by how, and close with the what. 

Phrased differently this equates to: our customer’s customers > our customers > Bigtincan

The Why How What diagram

Why – We believe that buying experiences should be engaging, provide value, and guide people to the best decisions.  

In the context of sales enablement and throughout our new site, “people” means our customers’ customers.  The folks on the other end of an “enabled” seller.  If we do our job right, those people will have the best possible buying experience and most importantly, make good decisions when they meet with our customers’ sellers.

How – Everything we offer is designed to be smart, flexible, and easily adapted to unique business processes with highly personalized experiences that people and brands love.

In the context of sales enablement and throughout our new site, these people are the sellers using our technology and brands that trust us as their sales enablement solution provider. Our customers told us one of our biggest differentiators in how flexible our solution is to their business processes.  You know, what makes them unique!

What – Our products help companies’ customer-facing teams prepare, engage, measure, and continually improve the buying experience.

In the context of sales enablement, this is our three hubs strategy, Learning Hub, Content Hub, and Engagement Hub which are prominently featured on the new site and available together or sold separately.

Who We Are in Our Customers’ Minds 

Our shift in focus to our customers’ customers called for a shift in voice. Like one of our favorite ‘mavericks’ Don Draper once said, “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” 

And we plan to do just that. Literally. (We have an app for that.)

We are breaking out of the typical, stiff, stale corporate voice we’re all tired of seeing on every B2B website. 

Somewhere along the line, someone decided B2B conversations had to be formal and boring and we all kind of followed suit. 

We might be at work, but we’re working on a lot of exciting things, and the way we talk about them needs to reflect that.  

We’re a technology company, but we’re building tools to make humans’ lives better.

So while words like “innovative,” “leverage,”  and “pain point” are bound to slip out occasionally (they’re just ingrained at this point), we’re changing the tone of the conversation from corporate to human. 

And we look forward to talking to you.

Thank you ink brush vector lettering.

Thank you to all the customers, shareholders, friends, and team members that worked on the project.  

We could never have pulled this off without the ridiculously talented team at the web agency, Together, who we are more than happy to endorse for anyone who is considering their services.