Everyone is buzzing about “employee engagement.” Businesses are faced with this task of keeping their people interested and motivated in the workplace, but often don't know how to gauge whether or not their engagement efforts are actually working. 

Measuring engagement isn't a science. But here are eight signs your employees are actually engaged. 

1. They prioritize learning and development

Highly engaged people will look for ways to invest their own time in learning and development. If you're working on a gamified learning and training platform, these are the people at the top of your Leaderboard. They regularly read about topics that affect their job. They are the ones who sign up for classes and webinars, seek out mentors, listen to podcasts, and take advantage of every learning opportunity that comes their way. 

2. They are innovative

These people are idea people. They are regularly thinking ahead, and coming up with ways to improve their job and advance their company. They aren't afraid to think outside of the box, try new things, and offer up their innovative ideas to the team for further discussion and implementation. 

3. They collaborate with their peers and superiors

Speaking of discussion, engaged employees practice open communication with their teammates. They want to work with their peers, and they are comfortable approaching their managers. 

4. They set goals without prompting, and reach them

Goal-setting happens naturally for the highly engaged. They regularly set lofty but attainable goals, and set their sights on reaching them. They consistently challenge themselves, and don't wait for someone else to set goals for them. 

5. They are brand champions

Whether they are chatting with a customer during office hours, or are sitting at dinner with friends, these people consistently represent your brand well. They speak about your organization with high energy, and they enjoy talking about their job. Their passion for their work easily shows in conversation. 

6. They help create a positive atmosphere around them

Engaged employees have the power to lift the spirits, and the engagement, of less engaged people around them. People who are engaged are generally happy to be at work and enthusiastic about contributing to the group. Employees who are engaged help motivate each other and move the whole company forward.

7. They demonstrate confidence in their job description

Confusion is one of the biggest engagement killers. Engaged people understand what their job is, and see how it fits into the bigger picture. They know how to get help when they need it, and who to delegate tasks to when something comes up that is not in their wheelhouse. 

8. They participate when it's optional

When extra projects pop up, engaged people are quick to hop on board and participate. They are ready and willing to take on extra work, even when it's not required. Participating in work functions are also signs of high engagement, so high attendance at company lunch is a good sign!

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