Those who work with me are well-aware of my affinity for a good Steve Jobs quote

Steve’s passion-driven desire to change the world for the better via technology made him the quintessential innovator — a living embodiment of what it means to break down the barriers that often hold so many companies back. 

With that said, it’s only right for me to again pay him homage in tandem with the launch of our new Bigtincan Content Hub app for Apple Silicon Macs. 

But first let me take a minute to highlight the critical attributes and capabilities the app provides for our customers and end-users across industries. 

For those new to Bigtincan, our Content Hub is an intelligent content management system designed to help customer-facing employees easily access the content they need to do their jobs well.  

Bigtincan Content Hub content management system for Apple users

Content Hub has been incredibly successful on Apple devices with millions of users across iPhone and iPad supported by integration of key Apple-specific features like CallKit, ARCore, FaceID, and dozens of others.  With the Mac app we are bringing that familiar experience to the computer. Users can now seamlessly switch between multiple devices — Mac, iPad, and iPhone — equipping them with the flexibility to meet buyer needs and unlock the seamless productivity they’ve come to expect. 

Some of the app’s top features include: 

  • Faster loading times 
  • Unified notification center
  • Native OS functionality including swipe gestures and drag and drop
  • Full offline access
  • In-app document creation
  •  Single click start-up 

Sounds awesome, right? See it for yourself:


The app delivers all the same capabilities of Bigtincan’s traditional iOS application to macOS, in turn enabling more sales organizations to equip hybrid sellers with dynamic tools, training, and resources regardless of where or how they work. 

The app allows sellers to seamlessly switch between the multiple devices they use each day— computer, tablet, or mobile — at every stage of the sales cycle without sacrificing efficiency, performance, or ease-of-use. 

And we have put all that together for you in our full press release.

OK, now back to that Steve Jobs quote I mentioned earlier. When explaining our new Content Hub macOS app, this quote is the first that comes to mind:

A lot of people in our industry haven't had very diverse experiences. So they don't have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one's understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.

The global adoption of hybrid work coupled with industry-wide shifts to virtual selling environments has changed the human experience of the modern sales role. It’s no longer primarily centered around physical interactions with customers or in-person collaboration with co-workers from a centralized location. 

Now, it’s remote buyer-centric and driven by on-the-go workflows, AI-enabled automation, virtual reality, and digitally-enhanced engagement. As B2B buyer preferences have changed, they expect purchasing journeys to be simplified, seamless, engaging, and personalized. The quality of their experience directly influences their purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. That means sales profit, organizational growth, and sustained success rely on it.   

With the frequency of face-to-face interactions waning, sales organizations must be proactive in demonstrating value to buyers — and giving their sellers the tools to do so.

This requires a sales enablement structure that is fluid and flexible, allowing  employees to determine which way of working — in-person, remote, or hybrid —  best suits them, their partners, and customers. More often than not, no two days are the same. And as sales enablement providers, it’s on us to align with this new reality by prioritizing simplicity of use and diverse accommodations within our products. 

Bigtincan Content Hub app for macOS

Of course, maximizing the human experience is about minimizing discomfort. With the new Content Hub macOS app, Bigtincan customers can empower their hybrid employees to seamlessly transition across multiple Apple devices without sacrificing comfort or productivity. This removes the barriers of linear, single-platform solutions that often inject friction into daily workflows and buyer engagement. Consider these (real) human stories:

  • The B2B seller flying out to meet a client can now edit their presentation on their MacBook in flight to be ready to present it in person. As the meeting wraps up, they can easily send leave-behind content with their iPhone and check their buyer’s interaction with it on the go.
  • The beverage distributor who meets a prospect at their corner store can walk them through interactive content on their iPad, with supreme confidence that everything they prepared in their home office using their MacBook will display the same way. 
  • The fashion retail associate who traditionally uses a company-owned iPad on the sales floor for just-in-time microlearning or helping customers can also access HR and other content sent from the corporate office from their laptop.

Snapshots like these show what a hybrid working future designed for diverse human experiences looks like. This is what we’re shaping with our new Content Hub macOS app,  and what we'll continue to shape at Bigtincan as we align enablement tools with our new way of working — alignment that truly empowers the hybrid seller to shape the buying experience of the future.

Whether you’re new to Bigtincan or a long-time customer, I encourage you to learn more about us and the problems we help you solve by browsing our resources or bringing any questions to our team.