Bynder goes far beyond managing digital assets, enabling teams to conquer the chaos of proliferating content, touchpoints, and relationships in order to thrive. Unify and transform the creation and sharing of assets, inspire teams, delight customers, and elevate businesses with Bynder.

Bynder Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the perfect tool to centralize, organize and share all digital media files. Bynder’s DAM is easy-to-use, rich in functionality, and enables businesses to save time and cut out the hassle when working with media and collaborating with colleagues. Because working with digital files has become the standard for marketing operations, Bynder excels in usability.

Together, Bigtincan and Bynder enable collaboration between marketing and sales teams, allowing Bynder users to easily sync files to Bigtincan using native Bynder controls. Bigtincan syncs content from Bynder to any desktop or mobile device in a fast, easy, secure and powerful way, leveraging the value of an organization’s investment in Bynder.

With Bigtincan, administrators can manage Bynder synchronized content and assign access rights to an entire organization, groups, or individuals. The integration allows for both the automatic syncing of any changes in documents published in Bynder and the individual publishing of selected content directly to iOS, Android mobile devices or the desktop.

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    Content Hub Integration

    Bynder DAM

    The native integration can be configured by Administrators and has the following benefits for Bynder and Bigtincan users:

    • Sync one or more files in one action from to Bigtincan by selecting a destination Tab, Channel, and Story
    • View a summary of Bynder assets synchronized to Bigtincan by Status or location
    • Re-sync files when a revision has been completed
    • Bynder Administrators control the visible destination for synchronized assets to Bigtincan