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25 Indicators You Could Benefit From a Sales Enablement Platform

Sales Enablement platforms are a newer technology compared to the more traditional technologies in the Sales and MarTech space like Marketing Automation and CRM.  Though you may have heard of Sales Enablement software, you may find yourself asking “Do I need one?”.  There are certainly more than 25 reasons to look into Sales Enablement platforms, but here are 25 common indicators that you may get value from implementing a Sales Enablement platform.

  1. Your salespeople don’t know where to find content
  2. Your salespeople don’t know what content will be most relevant to their current sales opportunity
  3. You run into version control issues
  4. You don’t have control over content – things that shouldn’t be shared have been shared externally
  5. Your salespeople are overwhelmed with content – too much, and much isn’t pertinent to them based on vertical, geography, etc.
  6. Salespeople need to access content or present offline
  7. Salespeople need to edit content on the fly
  8. Your sales team is not fully utilizing CRM – adoption is low
  9. Your salespeople have to use separate software for various functions of their job – LMS for learning, CRM for logging info, email for communication, CMS for content, etc.
  10. Sales doesn’t have visibility into if and when prospects are interacting with content they’ve shared
  11. Sales teams are forgetting information taught at classroom-style trainings
  12. Data in CRM is incomplete, partly due to the manual nature of data entry
  13. Marketing doesn’t have visibility into what content sales is using
  14. Marketing can’t establish ROI on their content creation
  15. You have multiple repositories for content and information
  16. File size or type restricts ability to share content
  17. You have interactive content but no reliable way to access it
  18. You are interested in gamification for sales
  19. Tribal knowledge isn’t easily disseminated
  20. Marketing is using tagging to organize content
  21. A BYOD initiative makes managing content security difficult
  22. You’re looking into an ABM initiative, but need the technology to disseminate the right content
  23. Marketing is bombarded with sales content questions/requests – “Do we have something for this situation?”
  24. Linking sales feedback on content to the content is difficult/not automated
  25. You’re still using paper-heavy processes

Do any (or many) of these sound familiar? Let’s set up a demo and see if Bigtincan can be the key to solving your challenges.

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