Document automation software delivers instant personalization & real-time data

Bigtincan Automation streamlines the entire document creation process. Our document automation software generates personalized, data driven documents and presentations at scale by automatically pulling data from connected sources and placing it into dynamic templates. Intelligent document automation reduces the time required to create documents down to a matter of minutes so customer-facing teams can focus their efforts on delivering value to clients.



Intelligently automate sales collateral with user-friendly design tools, templates, and populate assets with data from internal and third-party sources.



Improve customer engagement. Once assembled content is easily presentable from an interactive online player or shared digitally to your audience to engage with the content directly. 



The system collects data on content creation and performance with customers and sellers — turning raw data points into insights you can put to work.

Why customer-facing organizations need document automation software

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Reason 1: Sellers are spending too much time creating personalized content. The Bigtincan Automation add-on saves time; users can instantly assemble pitch books, investment reviews, charts, graphs, sales sheets, and more into pre-approved templates.

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Reason 2: Sellers Need Real-time data-driven content. The document automation system integrates directly with a variety of data sources including internal databases, CRM, spreadsheets, and third-party services.

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Reason 3: Personalization leads to Compliance Headaches. With our document automation system, sales and marketing teams can ensure presentations and customer reporting meet all compliance requirements without needing to run content by internal compliance and security teams for approval.

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Reason 4: Marketing Approved Content Every Time. Marketing can take advantage of our drag-and-drop editing tools to create dynamic templates. Our wizard-based interface makes it simple to create as many workflows and templates as companies need so sellers always have on-brand collateral instantly.

Intelligent document automation is a game-changer for the entire sales process

  • Self-service interface - Equip sales, service, and marketing teams to instantly generate and personalize collateral for customer engagements. From sales presentations to client reports, pitchbooks, and proposals, Bigtincan Automation’s drag-and-drop wizard makes it easy to create dynamic charts, graphs, and fact sheets that speak to individual needs. 
  • Powerful data integration - Bigtincan’s document automation software can connect to nearly any data source imaginable. From CRMs and spreadsheets to Salesforce, SQL, and SharePoint lists, the platform brings information from disparate sources into one centralized hub to automatically populate content with the personal details that take selling to the next level. 
  • Real-time automation - Automate charts, tables, graphs, text, and images by dragging and dropping them into place. Bigtincan Automation pulls from your connected data sources, automatically generating data-driven sales collateral with relevant and accurate information — on-demand. Users can also add workflows that ensure compliance with brand guidelines or regulatory requirements.  
  • Mobile-first technology - Designed with modern sellers  in mind, salespeople can create personalized sales collateral anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices.
  • Manage and control content from one platform - Access and personalize sales collateral from Bigtincan, your CRM, or any other connected source. Our content management system simplifies the document creation process, enabling users to create compliant collateral in far less time.

Bigtincan’s document automation software provides AI-driven insights that go beyond basic metrics

True customer insights are data-driven. The problem is, gathering data is time-consuming, particularly if you’re pulling from multiple sources and systems like Google Analytics, Salesforce, and so on. 

You’re looking at hours of work before you can even begin to analyze your findings. Bigtincan’s powerful AI takes care of the data collection process, collecting intel on individual pieces of content, as well as your customers and prospects, then turns that raw data into actionable insights.

  • Capture insights at every touchpoint - Bigtincan automatically collects data from every interaction with your content, prospects, and existing customers.  
  • Learn from every interaction - With insights tied to every interaction that customers have with sales collateral, marketing and sales teams can immediately see which assets are working — or not, and make adjustments on the spot.
  • Understand customer motivations - Bigtincan Automation’s Pulse Check tool allows sales and marketing teams to collect instant feedback from customers using a simple survey BEFORE they present.
  • Put customer insights to work - Insights can be used to create activities in your CRM, ensuring that sales, service, and marketing teams never miss that critical next step.

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Bigtincan Presentation Creator modernizes sales professionals

Bigtincan's intelligent document automation gives sellers everything they need to deliver a better experience to buyers, fast. With the platform’s user-friendly step-by-step wizard, what once took hours of work now comes together in an instant. The result? Relevant sales collateral that sets the stage for customer-centric conversations.

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  • Create - Sales, service, and marketing teams can create custom collateral personalized down to any persona and pain point, from any device. 
  • Share - Sellers can share content directly with prospects, customers, and colleagues before, during, or after a presentation with a digital share link. This allows users to provide a consistent, secure experience to any audience, without the risk of falling out of compliance.
  • Present - Digitally present through a multi-media playlist and allow your audience to view and interact. Bigtincan XINN’s Present feature can be used in-person during client meetings or shared with prospects on the platform that works best for them. 
  • Interact - Make customers a part of your content strategy. Bigtincan XINN enables teams to collect immediate feedback, allowing buyers to respond to collateral in real-time. Viewers can like, dislike, rate, ask questions, request follow-ups, answer poll questions, and more. Those reactions are captured and used to create actionable insights that can inform your strategy moving forward. 

Built for today’s mobile workforce, Bigtincan takes data-driven content automation on the move

Bigtincan is the only sales enablement platform made for the mobile user. Sellers can use the platform from any device to create personalized presentations and custom sales collateral anytime, anywhere.

  • Easy, mobile access: Bigtincan’s sales document automation application places powerful customization tools directly in sellers’ hands enabling quick content adjustments from out in the field.
  • Save templates for quick customization. Users can save templates and automatically tailor approved marketing materials by pulling data from connected data sources.
  • Make changes on the fly: It doesn’t matter if you’re waiting outside of a prospect’s office for a sales meeting or taking advantage of a rare moment of downtime, mobile document automation makes it easy to engage with customers on a personal level by quickly creating content tailored to buyers’ unique needs.

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