How do you sell your products through a multi-tier system while maintaining brand consistency and mindshare with sellers and customers alike?

That was the challenge a large beverage company faced. While it has a global presence across more than a hundred countries and employs thousands of people in the United States, it must sell through a network of wholesalers who sell to retailers who then sell to consumers.

Because the company cannot sell directly to consumers, most selling is between the business and wholesalers. To make this more challenging, these wholesalers also sell products from competitors, making sales representatives' lives challenging.

When juggling hundreds of wholesale partners and thousands of salespeople, it can be hard to keep everything consistent. On top of that, every product the company sells has unique branding.

The Old Method

In the past, this business used Outlook, PowerPoint, and PDFs for sales content. These items would flow down to the wholesalers and hopefully eventually make their way to the frontline sales teams.

This process was inefficient and prone to errors. Sometimes salespeople would end up with out-of-date logos and programs.

These problems left the business wanting something more streamlined and easier to understand for their sales representatives. They needed something simple and easily accessible.

The solution that they eventually discovered was Bigtincan and its fully-integrated platform for marketing and sales teams.

The Bigtincan Solution

There were three main reasons why this beverage company chose Bigtincan:

  1. Innovative Tech - The team continues to be impressed by all the new and exciting features Bigtincan continues to roll out.
  2. Content Optimization - Bigtincan allows the marketing teams to view how content is being utilized and shared. They can see what's working and what isn't.
  3. Simplified User Journey - Bigtincan is easy for all frontline sales team members to use.

So, what does this look like in the day-to-day routine of salespeople?

First of all, it starts with planning.

Bigtincan can help salespeople analyze what a retailer is looking for and compare it with similar accounts in the same area.

When negotiating, sellers can use the sell sheets, videos, and other content to sell their products.

Lastly, Bigtincan helps sellers communicate their orders or content to their retailer and lets their manager know what they accomplished.

Bigtincan Features

With Bigtincan, a salesperson has the option of leveraging the content they need, customizing it as appropriate to meet their requirements.

One obstacle for sell sheets is the fact that the pricing of their products varies across the country. Because of this, they cannot put any pricing on sell sheets.

But with Bigtincan, a seller can type in their local pricing, save it, and create a customized sell sheet.

Bigtincan helps with feedback. There's a form where salespeople can leave ratings and comments. They can even share this info with a retailer.

Another helpful feature is the option to set an expiration date for a piece of content. For example, if there's a sweepstake, the seller can select the expiration date, so the content will be automatically removed when that date arrives.

Even reporting is seamless. The company can track how people are using the content and who they're sharing it with at every user level.

Expanding the Program to All Locations

The beverage company began using Bigtincan with a pilot program in three locations across the United States.

For about two months, they tracked the results to see if Bigtincan was paying off. Both the quantitative and qualitative metrics showed a clear return on investment!

The following month, they began gradually ramping up from three locations to hundreds of wholesalers.

The company continues to look at metrics and listen to what sellers are telling them. Each time they review those results, they adjust and move onto more locations.

One key metric was whether or not sales reps would recommend the application to others. Overwhelmingly, the answer was yes – they would!

Another valuable metric showed who was looking at the sheets. In the past, the individual brand teams would work with agencies that would post onto a website. The visibility of who was looking at the sheets would end there.

With Bigtincan, they can see who's looking at the sheets and how long they're looking.

An Evolving Purpose

While the initial partnership was all about sell sheets, it has evolved into so much more than that.

Sellers can now receive their internal targets through a push notification, thanks to Bigtincan.

The success of the rollout can be attributed to the content from corporate and the fact that wholesalers can use it to publish their local content.

This ability has helped the business move away from an email-driven approach. Brand activity and local functions are available in one place. No inbox searching necessary!

The dream for the company is to use Bigtincan to even more daily routines. Bigtincan will hopefully become a one-stop-shop for the needs of sellers on the frontline. Salespeople can go to the platform for content and communication from management.

Managers can go into Bigtincan and see who's looked at the meeting slides, enforcing good behavior and eliminating unnecessary questions.

Looking Ahead

In the future, Bigtincan will completely integrate into the beverage business' sales processes and transform their future with the power of digital content management!

Bigtincan will continue to be a game-changer for the company in the long run.