sales content management hub

Mobile-first design takes channel sales solutions anywhere

Mobile-first design offers sellers easy access to channel sales tools, bringing sales collateral, presentations, and training content to any device. Bigtincan supports 150+ file types, ensuring quick rendering whether sellers are online or off.

Useful channel sales metrics

Usage analytics identify which content channels salespeople are using most or least frequently, and how well specific pieces of content are working in the field.

Channel sales software automates admin tasks

Automated population of content-related activities into the CRM systems eases administrative requirements for channel sales staff.

Channel sales training made easy

Bigtincan® Zunos makes it easy to onboard and train your channel partners, so you can put forward a consistent marketing and sales effort.

Collaboration tools make content management for channel sales a breeze

Simplified channel sales tools streamline cross-departmental collaboration between sales and marketing teams, regardless of distance. Sellers can leave feedback in the Hub based on their interactions with customers, and marketing teams can leave notes recommending content for a specific stage in the buyer’s journey.

Digital channel enablement offers greater visibility

Deep CRM integration and automation creates greater visibility into channel partner pipeline opportunities and overall sales performance.

Why go with Bigtincan Hub?