Despite the hardships it has caused, the COVID-19 pandemic created a unique opportunity. Rather than waste time in lockdown, the goal for one of the world's largest power management companies was to utilize that time so that everyone could come out on the other side of lockdown stronger than before.

With the help of Bigtincan, that's exactly what they did!

Implementing the Right Learning Platform

Business is complicated. You can't buy an explanation of how to run your business from your vendor. For example, you could buy a course on CRM, but you can't buy a curriculum on why this company specifically uses CRM and for what purposes they use it.

This business needed people with relevant experience within the company to share these insights with other employees.

There are many different ways that this company could have gone about encouraging employee learning during the pandemic. But ultimately, they decided that Bigtincan Learning was the best route for them.

Through Bigtincan Learning and the insights shared by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across the business, they were able to essentially put a sales coach into every seller's pocket in their company.

Subject matter experts (SMEs) on specific topics use Bigtincan Learning to share their expertise with sellers.

Usually, people who want to learn don't get this kind of in-depth knowledge from experts. Things are different for this company, and people are learning from the best sources of information available, their peer experts.

Additionally, this power management company found Bigtincan Learning was quick and easy to use. Because it's mobile-enabled, people can experience this bite-sized learning wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Creating Content for Sales Coaches

Despite all the benefits of the platform, there were also plenty of challenges. Although it's not hard to create a video, it is hard to make a good video.
High-quality videos require the right audio, lighting, and other equipment, including a webcam and recording app.

As a result, this business had to train SMEs to use the equipment and share their insights in this format. In time, these experts learned and improved the process, leading to the creation of more content.

Another problem this company faced was figuring out how to translate videos to reach more people.

They weren't sure if the best way to go about this would be to recreate each language's video. If so, who would become the coach? Was training the coach in another language the answer?

They found inspiration from an unlikely source: Norwegian dramas on Netflix. These dramas were in Norwegian with the actors speaking Norwegian, but they had subtitles available in English and other languages for people worldwide to enjoy.

This business decided to emulate this process. SMEs created the source language content, which was typically English, but some other videos were in other languages.

They then ran it through a closed caption creator, which was AI-powered, leading to nearly perfect subtitles.

From there, they took this information and gave it to their translation team. The team then reattached the subtitles, so users then have that quick and easy option within the Bigtincan Learning app.

The whole process was a solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem.

Deploying the Bigtincan Learning Platform

The company was able to conceptualize the learning platform and deploy the program in just six weeks.

They then deployed nearly 30 courses to hundreds of people. While this rollout was incredibly exhausting, it was also a significant achievement worth celebrating.

Employes can now consume content as it's created in its original language. Hundreds more are then able to use the translated content once added.

As of now, thousands of learning sessions have been completed.

Measuring the Success of the Deployment

This company can see what courses are the most popular ones and, to their delight, the most popular courses focus on the information they wanted their employees to learn.

To drive adoption, the company created a network of champions, nominated by employees within each country or region. The champion is usually a seller, someone with an understanding of their peers' challenges.

This network of champions has an additional benefit. When champions hear about issues that are happening, they suggest courses to help employees solve their problems.

The network, and Bigtincan Learning, has had a significant positive impact on this company.

The Future of Learning at this Company

With hundreds of users and thousands of successful course interactions already, the benefits of deploying Bigtincan Learning have been undeniable.

As more courses become available and more employees use the content, this company will only continue gathering evidence that they accomplished their goal of coming out of lockdown stronger and more knowledgeable than when they entered it.