Extend reach with an external sales force

Novo Nordisk Mexico (a global leader in diabetes) needed to extend their reach and provide service for healthcare professionals (HCPs) in geographically remote locations in Mexico, where they did not have an established sales organization and local presence. The goal was to make their type-2 diabetes and obesity products top-of-mind and their value proposition clear – and thereby increase the likelihood that HCPs would prescribe.

To achieve this, Novo Nordisk Mexico engaged Xolomon, a contract sales organization (CSO) with a special digitally-trained sales force and a strong regional foothold to reach this specific group of HCPs.

Because the Xolomon sales team were new to the disease areas, it was vital to provide quality detailing materials to support and structure their engagements. The hard-to-reach nature of many locations was also a factor, requiring a solution that would enable full use of these detailing materials remotely and in a compliant way. Providing a smooth and compelling experience from the very beginning of the meeting was particularly relevant in a year where a global pandemic was saturating the HCPs’ interest in virtual contact.

The good results mean we are already sending ‘treatment starts’ to doctors that we have never seen in person.

Jose Miguel Torres García Coss GLP-1 Diabetes Marketing Manager

Easy to use, full detailing experience, and data capture 

Bigtincan was chosen to empower Xolomon’s sales teams because it enables the provision of a full detailing experience online, while being easy to use and practical in the field.

Having a remote solution enabled the digital reps to precisely match HCPs’ requirements in terms of meeting times – even unusual hours or weekends. 

In addition, Xolomon reps used a special technique: combining Bigtincan with video conferencing to introduce themselves, explain how the remote system worked, and highlight the benefits of this kind of interaction.

The solution also provided the flexibility to quickly switch to Bigtincan from a call begun in other channels. Often an engagement would start using WeChat, Messenger, phone or email. Then, with Bigtincan’s ‘short link’ feature, a rep could quickly send or read out the simple web address – turning the conversation into a detailing session by presenting the relevant materials.

Empowered sales teams and engaged HCPs

The ability to deliver the full detailing experience remotely, resulted in compelling customer presentations for HCPs through interactive and engaging content. It also aided compliance, with Bigtincan’s content controls ensuring that pre-approved and up-to-date content was always being shown. And it provided data, which was important for both Novo Nordisk Mexico and Xolomon, to track effectiveness and demonstrate concrete results. The project increased reach to the target groups – while delivering a high-quality experience for HCPs

Key factors in the success of the campaign were:

  • Segmentation to identity HCPs that welcome remote engagement
  • Digitally trained reps to provide a high-quality remote experience
  • Flexibility in engagement scheduling
  • The ability to provide compelling interactive HTML content
  • Close liaison with Novo Nordisk Mexico