Aiming to create a more effective sales force

Given the size and depth of its product portfolio, Merck Animal Health’s sales force receives and relies on constant content updates, and must be able to access that critical information in real-time with customers in the field. Due to the demanding travel schedule of the Merck Animal Health sales teams— often traveling 100 miles between meetings—it’s crucial that the mobile workforce be able to access the latest, most updated content when and how it’s needed.

Additionally, Merck Animal Health aims to: 

  • Establish one source of content and data for the global sales force 
  • Reduce time spent searching and surfing through internal sites for necessary documents and files
  • Offer a more effective mobile application for workers to use without the need of other outside apps and tools
  • Promote collaboration across sales reps through up-to-date information and sharing capabilities
  • Improve overall effectiveness of the sales force, and increase time spent with customers and peers

Maximizing time with customers and improving selling efficiency

Given the global distribution, size, and complexity of the product portfolio and compiled offerings, Merck Animal Health needed a solution that would:

  • Enable its mobile sales team to access all necessary materials the moment they’re needed, both online and offline, whether interacting with customers or working with peers
  • Push the latest materials to field workers in real-time, eliminating the need to search through multiple files, folders, personal drives, and content repositories
  • Provide sales reps with an easy-to-use solution that would maximize time with veterinarians and other customers, improving selling efficiency and productivity

Providing interactive tools to enhance customer conversations

Merck explored many different tools and services to find a solution that would meet all of its business needs, as well as the demands of its mobile sales force and field service experts. The organization selected Bigtincan for internal communication purposes across its Human Health business unit, as well as for its sales force across the Animal Health brand to ensure they had the most up-to-date content and information the moment they needed it. The Bigtincan platform also provides Merck with interactive tools to enhance conversations with customers and improve the selling process. 

Today, Merck Animal Health’s sales reps have all of the information they need in real-time through Bigtincan, ensuring they can make the most of the limited time they have in front of veterinarians to deliver product information and close deals. Sales reps across the Merck Animal Health brand are able to develop better relationships with veterinarians and be more productive during every interaction. Additionally, content is accessible whether reps are online or offline, ensuring vital information, across a wide range of file types, is always available and can be stored locally directly on the device. 

Today, Merck Animal Health sales teams can access Bigtincan across more than 40 countries and have approximately 55 gigabytes worth of content available to improve customer interactions and overall productivity. Merck Human Health also expects to expand its use of Bigtincan following the success of the Merck Animal Health deployment.