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How Sales Enablement Allows CMOs to Innovate

In my last two posts I focused on how Bigtincan helps CMOs better execute, drawing insights from the Gartner article, “8 Top Findings in Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2018-19.”  I’ll continue this thread for a couple more articles as we finish exploring Gartner’s insights.

Findings number 3 and 4 are unrelated to Bigtincan, so I will skip over them.  Instead, I will focus on findings number 5 and number 7 as they identify two findings which support each other.

No. 5: 1 in 6 marketing dollars spent on innovation

No. 7: CMOs value awareness more than ROI and market share

The Gartner research points to a self-identified disconnect between the CMO’s desire to innovate and their ability to deliver value from these innovations.  As the survey notes:

“On a scale of 1 to 5, marketing leaders surveyed in the Gartner Marketing Maturity Assessment scored themselves an average of 2.2 for their innovation maturity. Yet marketers noted that they wish to achieve a 4.3 maturity rating, indicating a significant innovation capability gap.”

If you combine these insights with the fact that many CMOs value awareness more than ROI and market share, you are setting the stage for many failed experiments and wasted budgets.  It is critical for marketing leaders to make strategic innovation investments that lead to new revenues – Sales Enablement is that investment.

While Sales Enablement is the place to invest, it is important that it is done in the right way. The Miller Heiman Group recently completed its fourth annual sales enablement survey report and noted these key findings to increase the success rate of your sales enablement initiatives:

  • “Formalize your approach: Start with a sales enablement business plan (charter) aligned to the business strategy. Those who do have 19.2% higher win rates.”
  • “Move beyond training: Provide all content salespeople need in a single system. Having a content strategy matters a lot, and leads to a +12.2 point better win rate. And coaching matters – when it’s set up the right way, it can improve win rates by 16.6%.”
  • “Scale up the sales enablement team: Put replicable enablement processes in place, and orchestrate enablement activities cross-functionally to establish a foundation for more focus and better performance.”

This is where Bigtincan can really help you move the needle. Our top-notch Customer Success organization is focused on outcomes, not simply on getting you setup in the system. The team works to understand your goals and metrics you will use to achieve success and supports you along the way.

What Bigtincan has to offer:

  • Bigtincan’s Sales Coaching is the most effective coaching platform on the market today and will play a key role in coaching every member of the team.  Inside, outside, and channel sales teams will benefit. Marketers and sales enablement teams will as well. Coaching is a critical component of the success of any project.
  • Bigtincan is the only sales enablement solution on the market designed by Marketers for Marketers to Empower Sales.  
  • If you are using Adobe solutions in your marketing technology stack then Bigtincan for Adobe is really your only choice. Bigtincan has integrations with Adobe InDesign, Adobe AEM, Adobe Campaign, and Marketo, increasing the value of your existing investments.

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