Microlearning is a training strategy that involves breaking learning materials into short, bite-sized lessons, making it easier for learners to understand and retain key concepts. Microlearning is more than short-form education. Sessions focus on one idea at a time, offering just the right amount of information needed to help trainees accomplish a specific, actionable objective.

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With Bigtincan Learning, creating a dynamic learning experience is easier than ever. Sale microlearning, combined with live events, coaching, and incentives, make the experience fun and help salespeople improve in real, measurable ways. 

  • Reinforce in-person training: Give your live events a boost with invitations, attendee tracking, scheduling, and the ability to make content available for later use.
  • Gamify your training program: Motivate learners and boost productivity by bringing gamification into your sales training strategy. Set up leaderboards to encourage competition, use milestones to track progress, and dole out virtual rewards to celebrate wins. 
  • Open up communication: Encourage employees to collaborate with coworkers and share feedback via surveys, forums, and in-app messages. Employees feel heard, and you’ll be able to implement feedback, ensuring the best training experience possible.
  • Keep learners in the loop: Inside the app, learners can quickly review a snapshot of their progress, engagement stats, and feedback, so there’s never a question of what they need to work on.