Roadblocks to Delivering a Competitive Buying Experience

Why Buyer-Facing Teams are Struggling and What You Can Do About it

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Sales and marketing teams need to get their priorities straight — according to the latest research from Heinz Marketing.

Heinz’s survey found that while sales and marketing teams recognize that delivering a competitive buying experience has a significant impact on revenue, they are still not making the changes required to implement it.

Meanwhile, companies who do prioritize a buyer-centric mindset exceed revenue goals by aligning sales, sales enablement, and marketing around delivering a competitive and differentiated buyer experience.

So how can your revenue teams get their priorities in order and move to a buyer-centric mindset?

Read the research to discover:

  • The buyer-first strategies of high-performing teams
  • The biggest pain points for sales and marketing teams
  • Why buyers’ expectations are not being met
  • Why sellers are not buyer-ready


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