Work Less, Achieve More: How sales enablers and marketers can take back their time with AI

It sounds impossible (and probably is), but it’s the reality for most marketers and sales enablement practitioners these days. And unfortunately, it looks like our checklists aren’t getting shorter anytime soon.

So how can we manage our workloads without constantly working past dinner time?

Hear from our sales enablement experts Beverlie Heyman, Director of Sales Enablement (WiSE Chapter Lead, Enablement Strategist and Coach) and Jared Hibbs, Senior Sales Enablement Manager (Force Management Facilitator) on how AI can support stressed out sales enablement and marketing teams.

Learn how they take advantage of AI tools to:

  • Coach sellers to success
  • Develop and maintain compelling content
  • Keep up with seller requests
  • Prioritize your task lists to be as effective as possible


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