In this article we’ll review three of the top sales readiness tools, including Bigtincan Learning (previously Zunos), Mindtickle, and Allego. We’ll cover the main differentiators for each platform, as well as how they approach:

  • Sales training
  • Sales coaching
  • Content management

Then we’ll finish with an overview of each platform.

Note: To see Bigtincan Learning in action and see how it can be custom-tailored to fit your company’s brand and workflows, book a demo today.

What Sets Bigtincan Learning (Previously Zunos) Apart

As you’ll see below, all three platforms include the basic features you’d expect from a sales training platform:

  • A platform that works on any computer and mobile device
  • The ability to store and present trainings in a variety of formats, including video, text, and images
  • Tools for asynchronous sales coaching, e.g. platforms for practicing video pitches and presentations
  • Analytics that show how reps are engaging with content

These features are table-stakes. Any modern sales training tool has them.

That means the main selling point for each platform lies in how well it fits into your existing workflows. When considering a sales readiness solution you should always ask: Does the team have to change their habits and methodology to adapt to the tool or does the tool adapt to them? 

If a team of hundreds of sales reps has been storing all sales training assets in Google Drive or Sharepoint for years, they won’t just abandon them. So the training tool you’re considering should automatically search for assets in those cloud storage instead of demanding hundreds of employees change their behavior. For easy and early adoption, you need tools that adapt to your workflows.

That’s why we designed the entire Bigtincan platform to be adaptable. Our customers are enterprise-level organizations — such as Amazon, J.P.Morgan, and Bosch — that need their sales enablement solution to adapt their brand and workflow, not the other way around.

So Bigtincan Learning can be custom-tailored in many ways, including the following.

Custom-Tailor Bigtincan Functionality to Match Your Workflow

One of the most useful benefits of Bigtincan, especially for Enterprise customers, is that the functionality can be custom-tailored to match your workflow. To start, every implementation of Bigtincan starts with a stock interface, as seen below:

Bigtincan interface on mobile and computer

But each element on the page can be swapped with another “block” to provide different functionality. Below, the interface shows “open goals” at the top of the page, but you could replace that with the “shortcuts” section (shown below) or other interactive sections.

Shortcuts include assignments, form, forums and more

For example, let’s say a sales leader updates trainings often and wants reps to be aware of the changes. They could add a new dynamic section showing all lessons that have recently been updated or published.

Other examples could include:

  • A life sciences or manufacturing company with thousands of products that prioritizes a library of micro-learning videos on the latest SKUs
  • A financial services company that wants upcoming compliance trainings automatically pushed to the forefront
  • A company that wants to show a training leaderboard to prioritize healthy competition

Plus, you can use Bigtincan to automatically change the layout or recommended trainings for your reps based on geography, role, experience, and more. This happens in two ways:

  1. You manually define learning paths based on variables such as geography and set up learning paths for each variation. For example, reps in North America might have a different set of compliance trainings than EMEA reps. Once set up, Bigtincan would automatically adjust the trainings so reps in Europe would see different materials than reps in the USA automatically. Variables include geography, rep experience, title, certifications, and more.
  2. Bigtincan AI uses machine-learning to suggest trainings by plugging into your CRM, HR, and other platforms, and proactively recommending content based on your reps’ activity, experience, deal stage, and other factors.

Each sales organization has different training needs, and Bigtincan’s functionality reflects that diversity.  The standard interface can be custom-tailored to your liking, and then dynamically modified to make sure your reps always have the most helpful information in front of them.

You can easily custom-tailor the Bigtincan experience yourself, or our Customer Success team will help you get started.

Bigtincan received a 96% satisfaction rater for ease of customization.

Change the Look and Feel of the Platform

The Bigtincan Learning platform can also be custom-tailored to fit your brand’s look and feel. In fact, we work with thousands of reps worldwide who don’t even know their company sales experience is built using Bigtincan. The branding is so deeply integrated, they assume the app is custom-built, when it’s really just a finely tuned version of Bigtincan.

Integrate with the Entire Suite of Bigtincan Sales Enablement Tools

Bigtincan Learning also offers robust functionality in every area of sales enablement via the entire Bigtincan suite of products. While some learning platforms may offer content management as a small part of their learning platform (as we’ll see later), Bigtincan offers a complete, standalone tool for the same purpose: Bigtincan Content Hub.

Compared to content management tools offered by Allego and Mindtickle, Bigtincan Content Hub is optimized for enterprise content management needs. The Bigtincan suite also includes dedicated voice analytics platform VoiceVibes, sales engagement features via Bigtincan Engagement Hub, and more.

This breadth of functionality means Bigtincan can grow with your organization all the way to enterprise level, and you only have to work with one vendor for all of your sales enablement needs. 

Together, the flexibility, breadth, and depth of the Bigtincan platform mean it can serve a wider variety of sales enablement needs. Even Bigtincan Learning alone gives you far more options to custom-tailor the learning experience compared to the competition.

If you want to learn more about how Bigtincan handles content management, you can read this separate article: The Best Enterprise Content Management Software

Bigtincan Learning’s Sales Training Features

Most sales reps need a platform that’s easy to use on the go, on any device, even if they don’t have great wi-fi connectivity. When it comes to training materials, speed and ease of use are of the utmost importance, as reps have to squeeze in learning sessions whenever there’s a moment in their busy schedules. That’s why we designed the Bigtincan app to deliver training quickly and efficiently in any situation.

First, the Bigtincan Learning training interface was designed in partnership with Apple. We worked with their team hand-in-hand to make sure our platform meets their rigorous design and usability standards, and is lightning fast on iOS, Android and computers.

Bigtincan training on mobile and computerPlus, Bigtincan Learning features an AI-powered search and content suggestion features (both are fully functional offline), so users can log in and instantly find what they need by scrolling through the homepage or via search.

As the following customer survey results show, the AI-powered search and Apple-approved design help reps find the exact learning material they need within seconds. 

Bigtincan's availability and quality of training features was given a 93% satisfaction rate.

Plus, Bigtincan Learning offers:

  • Support for mixed learning (i.e. scheduling for offline events as well as digital training)
  • Support for trainings in any format: video, text, PDF, and more
  • Drag and drop content authoring tools
  • Gamification features, including leaderboards, built-in support for incentives, and certifications

For more information on how other global retail brands are using Bigtincan to train their retail associates, see our digital retail transformation case studies.

Bigtincan Learning’s Sales Coaching Features

Bigtincan’s coaching features start with video. Salespeople can record themselves practicing pitches on any device, then send the video to their manager for feedback. Managers then use built-in tools to leave feedback, ask for another submission, and track improvement over time.

Provide feedback on video based assignments on mobile and computer

Moving beyond video, Bigtincan also offers call analytics via the standalone VoiceVibes platform. VoiceVibes uses an algorithm developed by AI and linguistic experts to analyze a seller’s tone of voice and overall “vibe” to see how they’re communicating on a call.

Possible vibes include assertive; clear; personable; confident; energetic; and more (there are 20 vibes total), and is 90% accurate according to an independent study by Towson University.

Towson University studyResearch shows that only 7% of communication is verbal, while 38% is tone of voice, and 55% is body language. VoiceVibes helps you optimize the 38% of communication that other voice analytics miss.

Bigtincan Learning’s Content Management Features

Bigtincan Learning offers a basic file folder storage system for PDFs, images, and the like, and allows users to import trainings in SCORM and other standard learning formats. However, Bigtincan truly shines when Learning Hub is connected to Bigtincan Content Hub — a robust standalone sales enablement tool built for enterprise content management needs.

Bigtincan content hubBigtincan Content Hub integrates with all common repositories and content platforms (Google Drive, Adobe Experience Manager, Dropbox, Adobe Experience Manager, and more) to act as a single source of truth for sales assets. It also features:

  • AI-powered search and content suggestions
  • Sales analytics on buyer and employee engagement
  • A fully-featured Salesforce integration
  • Catalog and document automation platforms
  • And more

In short, Bigtincan Content Hub has everything a sales organization could need to manage a vast library of sales assets and keep the right documents in front of sellers at all times.

Bigtincan Overview: Fast and Flexible Sales Enablement

Bigtincan is the best option on this list for sales organizations that value speed, and the ability to custom-tailor a platform to their needs. Learning Hub alone helps sellers find and absorb learnings quickly wherever they are, with the option to expand functionality into a powerful, fully-featured sales enablement platform. For this reason, Bigtincan is by far the best tool on this list for enterprise applications, though the features have a compelling value proposition even for mid-market companies.

To see how Bigtincan could work for your organization, book a demo today.

What Sets Mindtickle Apart

Compared to Allego and Bigtincan Learning, Mindtickle emphasizes using data and unique visualizations like heatmaps to help track individual and team progress. The first sentence on the Mindtickle homepage says you can use their tools to, “improve performance using data-driven readiness,” and their unique visualizations show up on product pages often.

For example, they were among the first to use a heatmap graphic to show teamwide performance:

Heatmap graphic of teamwide performance

As you can see in the screenshot, this one page shows helpful information across both the team and individual. For example, you can see on the second to right column that the team has a good grasp on the “Assessment Features” but needs a bit of work on “Learner Management.” And these categories can be customized to fit your needs.

But that’s just one of many dashboards available on the platform:

Below, you can see Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness Index — a proprietary metric that sums up many seller competencies into one easy-to-reference score.

Sales Capability Index

Bigtincan Learning and Allego both have reporting tools, but Mindtickle features more and more unique reporting graphics built in. These tools help leaders see what their sales team, or individuals need to work on at a glance.

Mindtickle Sales Training Features

Compared to Bigtincan Learning, Mindtickle’s primary training interface is simple and looks like many e-learning SaaS and learning management systems (LMS) you might see in other industries. The interface features a simple list of trainings, with no dynamic or AI-powered content suggestion features like Bigtincan does as we discussed above.

Mindtickle training interface

Mindtickle can host any sort of content, from video to text:

Example of video and text trainings in MindtickleAnd they also feature support for mixed learning like Bigtincan, so if you need to schedule offline and online trainings as part of one learning course, you can easily do so. Also similar to Bigtincan, Mindtickle features content authoring tools, so leaders can publish new lessons and course pages quickly and easily.

Learning paths can be displayed using unique “themes,” such as this mountain scene, to add visual interest to otherwise linear training paths:Mountain scene training path

Mindtickle Coaching Features

Mindtickle offers a wide variety of video coaching features. Sellers can record pitches or demos, then send them to coaches for feedback. They also have an AI engine that provides feedback on pacing, length, keywords used, and more. This interface offers slightly more robust functionality than Bigtincan Learning alone (which doesn’t offer voice analytics directly in the Learning platform), but doesn’t have insights as in-depth as Bigtincan Learning and Voice Vibes together.

Example video analytics page

Mindtickle also offers sellers the opportunity to share their screen during a video recording so they can practice demos or presenting slide decks. This feature is on the Bigtincan roadmap, but in the meantime remains unique to Mindtickle and Allego.

Mindtickle screenshare

Voice analytics are built into the Mindtickle video coaching interface, but also have a dedicated “Call AI” section in the platform:

Call AI platform

This tool is comparable to Allego’s call analytic features (more on that later) insofar as it analyzes which words are used; how the rep paces the conversation and how much they’re listening vs talking. But these insights are limited to what can be gleaned directly from the words said. Neither platform provides AI-driven feedback on tone of voice or delivery. However, VoiceVibes combines basic insights based on the words said with an additional layer of non-verbal analysis that isn’t matched by Allego or Mindtickle.

Mindtickle’s Content Management Features

Mindtickle doesn’t offer sales content management features like Allego or Bigtincan. You can upload any kind of content to the learning environment, but the platform is not meant to be used as a place to store buyer-facing assets. Instead, they have a single-minded focus on sales readiness, which can be positive or negative depending on your needs.

Mindtickle Overview: Data-Driven Coaching and Training

Mindtickle is a great choice for brands that appreciate a data-driven approach and want a consistent onboarding experience regardless of seller location, experience, or other factors. For some teams, the analytics alone will be enough of a selling point to use Mindtickle, and the straightforward nature of the app will provide much-needed consistency. Others may find the corporate learning interface a bit simplistic and will want something with more in-depth customization options, or a greater focus on video communications, as we’ll see next with Allego.

Visit the Mindtickle website to learn more.

What Sets Allego Apart

Compared to other learning platforms, Allego focuses on video for learning, communications, and more. This focus is communicated the moment you land on their homepage (notice the images on the right below),and extends to other unique features such as interactive video contests and asynchronous video conversations.

Allego homepage

But video isn’t all Allego offers. Compared to Mindtickle, Allego is a bit more fully-featured, with content management, reporting and analytics, and digital sales room features, to name a few.

Allego draws the middle line between Mindtickle and Bigtincan — it isn’t as robust as the full Bigtincan sales enablement suite, but offers more functionality than Mindtickle (albeit with slightly less robust reporting tools).

Allego Sales Training Features

Allego’s training interface recently underwent a refresh to offer a more simple, user-friendly design. Compared to Bigtincan, it doesn’t offer many customization options, though the interface does generally look clean and easy-to-use. Like Mindtickle, the branding is static, and cannot be modified to match your company’s.

Allego interface displayed on a desktop

Allego can host all kinds of content on their platform, though examples on their site feature video heavily. Leaders can use Allego’s content authoring tools to easily create new lessons in various formats and publish them quickly to the platform in real time.

Example course summary

Finally, Allego’s training platform offers a suite of AI-powered functionality to:

  • Keep next-best content in front of reps: Similar to Bigtincan, Allego’s AI engine will suggest content based on seller and buyer behavior to help provide an optimal customer experience.
  • Analyze calls and video: Similar to Bigtincan and Mindtickle, Allego offers conversation analytics to help reps find areas for improvement after every call (more on that below).

Allego Sales Coaching Features

Allego’s coaching features include video recordings with AI-based analysis and dedicated sections for coach feedback:

Allego's video feedback feature

Or, you can record screen shares for pitches.

Allego's screenshare


Notice the automatically generated transcript and analytics in the screenshot above and below.

Example of automated transcript and analytics

Allego offers extensive AI-powered metrics for each call and video submission. Like Mindtickle, all of the analytics are based on the words spoken — i.e. talking vs listening time, pace, questions asked, etc — but offer no automated feedback on tone or presentation.

All metrics and reporting data on the Allego platform are displayed in a suite of heatmaps and other graphics, though the reports aren’t as varied as what Mindtickle offers.

Allego's reporting screen

Allego Content Management Features

Allego does offer sales content management to enable sellers, though they don’t integrate with outside repositories, so it could be difficult to use Allego as a true single source of truth. Instead, you’ll have to export your content from Google Drive or wherever you’re keeping it, and upload it to Allego, then manually update it as files are modified by marketing, for instance.

Allego has partnered with Seismic to offer a more fully-featured content management experience, but if you’re fine with importing the content, Allego may be all you need.

Allego's content management homepage

Once uploaded, content can be organized into prescriptive playbooks. Playbooks are meant to act as a resource to outline the content reps will need at every step of the selling process — with different playbooks for varying products or product categories — though you do have to create them manually.

If reps aren’t sure exactly what content to use, Allego’s AI will provide suggestions in a dedicated “Allego Recommendations” section in both the content interface and the Salesforce add-on.

Allego also has a Salesforce add-on that will suggest content and trainings from right within the Salesforce interface. Bigtincan offers a similar tool, and Mindtickle boasts a Salesforce integration, but doesn’t offer a dedicated Salesforce add-on (the integration seems to be one way, from Salesforce, into Mindtickle).

Allego Overview: Great for Video-Based Training and Coaching and Basic Content Management

Allego is a great choice for organizations that prioritize video at every step of the sales training and coaching journey — from communication, to training and feedback. It’s also a solid all-around readiness platform if you’re willing to accept a relatively basic interface and content management features.

The Bottom Line: Bigtincan Is the Most Complete Sales Readiness Platform Available

Of these three platforms, Bigtincan nails the basics with a fast, user-friendly design, powerful search, and then offers massive expandability and flexibility for growing companies. You can use Bigtincan Learning without any modifications and get a great experience, or add and custom-tailor the look, feel and functionality to fit even the most demanding workflow. To see how Bigtincan could work for your organization, book a demo today.