Analyst Reports & Research Briefs

Gartner Market Guide for Sales Enablement Platforms [2021]

This Market Guide provides a holistic view of the top 15 sales enablement platform vendors. It is a great resource for evaluating how vendors’ capabilities align with your organization’s size and use cases. Bigtincan has met all identified capabilities for the fourth consecutive year.

Aragon Research Globe™ for Sales Enablement Platforms [2021]

This fourth Aragon Globe report evaluates 14 major providers in a market that continues to see growth, investment, and a compelling utility that many enterprises have still not discovered. Bigtincan has been named a leader for a second consecutive year.

Smart Selling Tools Top Sales Tools 2021

Click to read Bigtincan: A Top Sales Tool of 2021

2021 Smart Selling Tools’ Enterprise Sales Tech Glossary

This glossary curated by Nancy Nardin, founder of Smart Selling Tools and the world’s expert on Sales Technology, provides information on every type of sales software.

The Aragon Research Globe™ for Sales Coaching and Learning

In this report Aragon research provides a deep dive into the sales coaching and learning market including the value that modern sales coaching and learning technology provides to organizations, the components of SCL technology, and analysis of the top 15 vendors.

Introducing the Sales Asset Lifecycle Management and Governance Model – Research Brief

Relying solely on sales asset management technology has proven to be ineffective. As a result, organizations are implementing sales asset lifecycle management and governance processes to create a cross-functional effort to improve asset cost, utilization, and effectiveness.

SiriusDecisions Revenue Enablement Research Brief

This research brief will teach you how to setup your company’s revenue enablement using SiriusDecisions’s 5 Step Approach to a Revenue Enablement Framework.

eBooks and Guides

Remote Buying Experience Technology Checklist

Our buyer experience checklist comes from our personal experiences and lessons learned from interviews and conversations with leading companies across the planet. Learn how the very best companies are leveraging digital technology to deliver a top-notch buying experience to their customers.  

The Essential Guide to Sales Engagement [2021]

In this guide, we will show you how to elevate your sellers’ results and provide you with insights and tips that will also benefit the rest of your customer-facing organization.

The Essential Guide to Sales Enablement [2021]

A holistic view of Sales Enablement in 2021 including definitions, why companies are implementing Sales Enablement, how-to’s, best practices, and types of Sales Enablement technologies.

The Definitive Guide to Remote Sales Coaching

If you want to improve remote coaching for your teams and better enable them to win more deals, you’ll love this guide. Get your copy for a comprehensive overview of remote coaching including tips, best practices, and software options.

Sales Enablement Charter Template

The foundation of successful Sales Enablement programs generally start with a clear Sales Enablement charter, built in collaboration with key stakeholders across the organization. Download our template to ensure your team has this critical document properly in place.

The Definitive Guide to Sales Playbooks

In this Guide, we’ll share a complete approach to create, deliver, and maintain Sales Playbooks. Our goal is to demystify Sales Playbooks and provide a structure that you can adapt to a wide variety of sales methodologies and business development goals.

The Complete Guide to Sales Coaching and Learning

Sales successes skyrockets when you invest in sales training and coaching. This eBook will provide you with everything you need to know to prepare your people for better sales the right way.

The Modern Marketer’s Guide to Sales Enablement with Adobe

Learn how to leverage your current Adobe investments while reaping the benefits of Sales Enablement.

Sales Enablement Survey Template

The questions in this survey are designed to spark those critical conversations and ensure your enablement efforts are actually helping your sales team.

The Ultimate Sales Coaching Guide

Get a comprehensive overview of sales coaching including how to be an effective leader and avoiding the common pitfalls.

Sales Enablement Vendor Evaluation Guide

The Sales Enablement landscape can be overwhelming. So we’ve compiled a guide, with all of the key areas you should evaluate a Sales Enablement vendor in before buying.

Sales Content Strategy – The Foundation for Successful Sales Enablement

The confluence of content management processes with the shift in buyer education means that the time is right for companies to adopt a structured sales content program.

Designing and Implementing A Mobile Sales Enablement Strategy

This ebook outlines a sales enablement strategy for designing, executing and managing getting the right sales content at the right time for your sales team, so they can focus more of their time and effort on selling, add more value to their conversations with prospects, and close more deals, faster.

Why Sales Enablement? Survey Results

Here’s what we found after surveying more than 600 U.S. sales executives, working for organizations with 1,000 or more employees across various industries.

Sales Enablement ROI

Return-on-investment (ROI) calculations have always been the cornerstone of rationalizing and prioritizing business investment decisions, regardless of the state of the economy. Learn how to calculate the ROI of your Sales Enablement initiative.

Digital Sales Enablement: Where the Market is Headed, Newest Approaches, and Latest Technologies

Digital sales enablement: where the market is headed, newest approaches, and latest technologies.

Life Sciences: Discover The Right Revenue Formula With Sales Enablement

This eBook describes a sales enablement solution that a growing number of Life Science companies are using to overcome challenges across their commercial operations.

The Top 5 Challenges in Retail

Download the eBook to learn how to adapt to the ever-changing retail environment to delight customers through Sales Enablement.

GDPR: Sales Enablement & Marketing in the New Era of Compliance

Learn more about the new GDPR regulation and the role sales enablement plays in saying compliant while conducting sales and marketing processes.

Security and Governance for Content Distributed on Mobile Devices

From sales executives to field technicians, the demand for accessing corporate content securely on mobile devices is growing exponentially.

Field Service

Mobile content enablement platforms help improve field team performance, which increases productivity and profitability.

The Problem with Portals 

Learn how to preserve and extend portal investments, and eight characteristics to optimize the portal experience for mobile users.