Eating your own dog food: it’s probably the best way to get intimately acquainted with the product you sell. Here at Bigtincan, our platform is a part of the sales and marketing teams’ daily lives. Bigtincan is an incredibly powerful tool with countless capabilities past the standard content delivery functionality. It’s made for you to get creative, and designed to be customizable to your business processes.

Looking to do more with your instance of Bigtincan Hub? Here are 9 ways we use Bigtincan to drive extra value in our own organization:

  1. Collecting Lead Info at Events – We do a lot of tradeshows each year. Sometimes there are lead retrieval devices, sometimes there aren’t. Sometimes there are options to add notes, sometimes there aren’t. Often times, our staff has had in-depth conversations with people who stopped by our booth, but have no way to record that information and add in into CRM. To make sure we don’t miss out on the valuable information gathered in these conversations, we use an interactive form within Bigtincan that contains qualifying questions (for example, MEDDIC), and a free form text field for recording notes. The notes are then exported from Bigtincan to an Excel spreadsheet where the person importing our event leads can easily make additions to CRM records prior to import.
  2. Plays for Upcoming Events – As mentioned above, we have a bunch of tradeshows we participate in. During the tradeshows we often have speaking sessions, co-marketing discount codes, and a booth staffing schedule.  With all of this going on, it can be hard for our entire team to keep up.To keep everyone organized and informed, we created “Plays” (our term for content bundles) for each of our upcoming events that include a rich text description area, relevant links, landing pages, documents, images, and more. Now when a prospect asks a question like “are you going to XYZ event,” the answer can be easily found, and with plenty of detail.
  3. Content Request Forms – Marketers have all felt the pain of constantly being asked via email, sticky note, call, or text for a new piece of content on a specific topic. To streamline these requests, we have a form in Bigtincan where the go to market team can request pieces of content, along with any other information that’s needed for a specific time or presentation. From there, form submissions are sent to our content creator for prioritization and action.
  4. The Promote feature – How many emails do you get a day? 50? 100? 300? It is virtually impossible to provide important company information via email when it is so easily lost in the whirlwind of emails we all receive daily.  Portals aren’t always checked, and in-person announcements in the office don’t work if some of your team is remote.So how do we get that mission-critical information to the relevant people? We strategically utilize Bigtincan’s “Promote” feature to send a push notification to our team’s mobile devices.  Once swiped, the notification will take the person to the exact content bundle being referenced. We can also look into analytics on the content bundle to monitor who has and hasn’t read the content yet, so ensure no one is missing out on important information.
  5. Do Presentations from Hub – This functionality isn’t anything new to those using our platform. Bigtincan was designed to make preparation, presentation, and follow-up easy and streamlined. However, for events like tradeshows where we have speaking sessions, access to the presentation feature in Bigtincan is invaluable. Conference WiFi isn’t great, thumb drives are easy to lose, last-minute edits are often being made, and you never know what your A/V options will be. We avoid all of these potential issues by uploading our presentations into Bigtincan so the speaker can access them on or offline. This ensures that we are never without the most up-to-date presentation for our sessions. From there, the presenter can annotate live, and deliver the best presentation possible.
  6. Brand Assets ­– The easiest way to maintain brand consistency is making sure everyone is working from the same playbook. We help facilitate that consistency internally by making brand assets available in a play within Bigtincan. We house information including official company colors, high-resolution screen shots, icons, high-resolution logos, and messaging tidbits in a brand center for easy access by our whole team. This means more guessing what to use when creating presentations! 
  7. Linking to Salesforce Campaigns, and Auto-Creation of Leads and Contacts – We keep track of content effectiveness partially through linking sales content to campaigns.  Bigitncan makes it easy – any time a salesperson sends out a piece of content, the recipient is added to a Salesforce campaign, making it simple to attribute content to deal progression. If the recipient doesn’t already exist within our CRM, Bigtincan will automatically create a lead, or even better, a contact on an account if it exists.This functionality completely eliminates the need for lead creation by our sales team from content shares, and helps marketing establish ROI as well as the effect they are having on moving deals through the pipeline. The contact creation also helps us get an account-level view of interactions that a company has had with Bigtincan – account-based marketing and selling made easy!
  8. Chat with Team Members – How frustrating is it when you need to contact someone in your organization as soon as possible, but don’t have their phone number? Or trying to call someone internationally? And we already established that email can easily get lost in the fray. At Bigtincan, we utilize the video and text chat functionalities built into our platform to quickly get in contact with team members and subject matter experts.
  9. Demos – When it comes down to it, the best way to show a potential customer how your SaaS solution works is to show how you personally use it. We use our own instance of Bigtincan to demo at tradeshows (again, offline access it a huge plus!), to demonstrate all of the ways we utilize our product in our day-to-day work. No smoke and mirrors here – just our team using our solution.

So there you have it! The 9 ways Bigtincan uses Bigtincan. Do you have an innovative way that you use Bigtincan? Tell us in the comment section or on social – we love to hear your creative solutions to everyday problems!