Sellers in industries with complex products, such as heavy machinery or medical technology, can often find themselves unable to get buyers to envision what this product would look like in their current setup. How would that new MRI machine fit into the existing lab setup? What do the parts of that jet engine look like three-dimensionally? What would the new office look like renovated?

Often, carrying around or bringing large, complex products is not an option, and it is impossible to get buyers to connect to an environment they’re not in. That’s where Bigtincan 3D comes in.

Bigtincan 3D allows sellers to deliver truly exceptional, immersive experiences with Augmented and Virtual Reality. Bigtincan 3D uses an AR camera, easily accessed in just a few clicks, to drop products into real-life environments, right in front of buyers’ eyes. Its VR capabilities allow sellers to transport buyers into a virtual reality to show them what their environment could look like with your products or services.

Bigtincan 3D takes the guesswork out of buying – buyers know what they’re getting, and sellers can deliver exceptional immersive experiences for buyers with just a few clicks, removing barriers to buying.

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AR and VR Sales Enablement