The challenges of remote calls in hospital settings

Bionical Solutions – experts in healthcare professional engagement to pharma and Medtech companies – continually invest in methods of engaging HCPs effectively across channels. Increasing IT security across the medical community has meant existing methods of remote channels – or inside sales – engagement has been blocked or restricted, greatly decreasing the possibilities for effective remote channel interactions.

Because Bionical has experience across multiple remote engagement platforms, a variety of options were tested to see which would work best.

The ability to deliver fully interactive e-detailing presentations on remote calls, rather than just non-interactive screen sharing was key. This is why Bigtincan’s remote engagement platform was picked. Here every view, click, and action that participants make is tracked and can be used to improve the next conversation.

More convenient participation on remote calls

With Bigtincan, simple shortened URLs are provided either over the phone or e-mail for single-click access to presentations. This enables reps to share an HCP’s personal link via alternative channels depending on customer preference including phone, e-mail or mobile messaging. It also enables fast re-sharing of personal access links if an email is lost or deleted by mistake.

As the access links are individual, even if shared through another channel than the auto-generated email, Bionical is guaranteed complete tracking of data which allows campaign insights (such as content engagement) to be provided back to clients.

"We've worked with Agnitio to continue to improve our solution to clients and provide a better customer experience for HCPs. Our representatives can provide HCPs access to material quicker and easier than ever before, allowing meaningful and engaging interactions for our clients."

Adam Occlesshaw, Multi Channel Engagment Lead, Bionical

The impact: High engagement and content interaction

With Rainmaker Remote, Bionical’s remote engagement teams now presents interactive sessions to HCPs with the following outcomes:

  • Increased reach and more impact: 67% uptake in HCPs accessing remote presentations
  • Average time for customers to join platform: 40 seconds
  • Rep satisfaction score: 4.3 / 5