BOSTON – February 14, 2013 – Bigtincan, the enterprise content and productivity solution for mobile devices, has expanded its footprint into Japan – a particularly hot market for its hub solution. KDDI became an enterprise service dealer of Bigtincan hub in this new space. Winning additional contracts from Japanese telecommunication giants like Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation and NEC, Bigtincan saw the value and opportunity of doing business in Japan and quickly developed its on-the-ground presence.

"Bigtincan hub has a number of advantages when compared to other technology approaches for creating, sharing and distributing business content on the market for Japanese businesses," said Sean Takenouchi, Country Manager Japan at Bigtincan.

Some advantages include:

•   Access control – The ability for customers to gain complete control over user groups and their rights to view and modify content is a powerful and innovative concept that sets Bigtincan apart.
•   Security – While many Japanese products are not equipped with app or content level security, nor do they offer a report system where administrators can view precise access data for each user, Bigtincan’s focus on security has put its capabilities ahead of the local curve.
•   Document management – Functionality that empowers users to directly edit and organize content using all kinds of programs accessed through their mobile device, is a game changer for the Japanese mobile workforce.

"Combining Bigtincan hub’s advanced capabilities with our increasing development of deep business relationships with our customers in Japan, we look forward to continued growth in this market," said Takenouchi.
There are several vertical industries in Japan that are ripe for an introduction to Bigtincan hub, such as local high schools and universities, consumer electrical appliances and medical supply providers. All of these industries have a growing need for mobile technology, and Bigtincan hub will help them leverage emerging mobile platforms to drive employee productivity.

Bigtincan has dedicated 40 of its experienced sales and support team to the Tokyo office and by extension, the Japanese client base. "We have made a serious commitment to the relationship-building that needs to take place in the Japanese market," explains Patrick Welch, Bigtincan President and COO."We have dedicated key Bigtincan resources to assure continued growth and success in this market and it’s a location where we anticipate strong growth in the future."