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Content Creation, Editing, and the Adobe InDesign Extension

We use Adobe products all the time, and Adobe InDesign is one of our favorites for creating our own marketing content. Though InDesign is an incredibly powerful tool, it isn’t one that a salesperson typically has the skills to utilize. However, part of the marketing team’s responsibility is to enable salespeople with content and messaging that will resonate with prospects. How can marketing achieve that when they are the only ones who can use content creation tools? Bigtincan’s Adobe InDesign extension.

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Bigtincan has created an extension for Adobe InDesign to simplify getting that content into Bigtincan – a few clicks, and it’s delivered to the appropriate users’ mobile devices.  To further empower sales, you can then extend these documents, using substitution zones, to allow easy customization by your customer facing teams within the boundaries you specify.

  • Do you want to let them replace a logo in the brief you created with that of the customer they are talking to?  No problem.
  • Do you want to let your sales person choose from several approved value statements, tailoring their message to the customer without creating the message on their own?  No problem.
  • Want to dynamically pull in information from your user profile to automatically insert your contact information?  No problem.

Easy personalization, in a compliance-driven manner, is at the team’s fingertips.

Did I mention that you can easily allow your teams to annotate those PDFs?  You can even allow your customer facing teams to re-use portions of these documents, combining videos and other assets to create new content.  QuickDocs makes all of this (and more) possible. What’s really amazing is that you can do all of this while on your tablet while you are waiting to meet with that prospect.  This is just-in-time sales preparation.

Don’t worry, the Marketing team remains in control of who can annotate or repurpose content as well as which pieces of content can be repurposed.  This is, after all, Sales Enablement designed for Marketers. No more random acts of sales support – scale your content creation with templates in Bigtincan Hub and our new Adobe InDesign extension.

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