As content-centric marketing continues to gain momentum, the challenges and opportunities for sales and marketing grow as well. In considered B2B purchase cycles, access to valuable content and knowledge becomes the foundation of a well-orchestrated, managed sales process. 

Bigtincan’s Salesforce integrations offer a central workspace for sellers, where they can manage customer records, sales collateral, and training materials in one place. 

For sellers used to spending a lot of time inside the CRM, Salesforce sales enablement is all about delivering content and insights into their existing workflow.

With Bigtincan for Salesforce, companies of all sizes can add AI-powered content recommendations using the power of ontologies to any Salesforce object across Salesforce Sales CloudService Cloud, and Salesforce Communities.  

And with its flexible configuration and setup, the solution is able to connect directly to existing external content repositories (EFSS, SharePoint, Salesforce Files, and, of course, Bigtincan® Hub™) making it easy to implement and maintain.

Bigtincan Salesforce Ontology Screenshot
Ontology Recommendations Screenshot