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How to Create a Better Employee Learning Experience

What’s an LMS without employee engagement? An expensive piece of software serving as a digital file cabinet crammed full of information about your organization. Sure, things may be organized and easy to find, but are people actually using the resources they have at hand? Do they find value in the training you offer? Do they even bother getting into your LMS in the first place? If you don’t have the answers to these questions, it’s time to evaluate your training. Take a close look at your content, your platform, and overall engagement surrounding your training program and shift your perspective. It’s no longer about simply providing the learning, but providing a better overall employee experience. 

1. How’s the state of your training content?

Content today needs to be dynamic and engaging. Dig in and look at what you’re offering. Is it something that matches the modern era? Your content should have a fresh feel, made of blended content types from a variety of resources and formats. It should have short courses, videos, and infographics to make sure it’s appealing to a variety of learner types. And, what about the engagement factor? Do you offer ways for learners to dive in and interact with your content via quizzes and forums? The requirement list may seem long, but this is what your employees want to see. They need great content in a world that is overflowing with less than stellar information. They shouldn’t view your training program as just another arbitrary task to check off their list. What you offer up needs to grab their attention and be easily applicable to their role in the company. Invest in the content you provide and your learners will do the same. 

If your platform allows for tracking content views, look at what people are frequently visiting. Is there a theme? Are there missing pieces? Find out what they’re looking for, what they need more of, and if you need to add in new topics to help your employees learn and develop.

 2. What does engagement look like on the platform?

There are two factors to consider when it comes to employee engagement and your platform: time and frequency. Just because your employees may be spending time on your platform, that doesn’t equate to a better experience or an engaged employee. More time on the platform could actually be hurting their engagement if they’re not having an enjoyable experience. Think about your platform and how it is created. Is information easily searchable? Can they access it on the go? Does the design entice users? If you deliver information in the right way on the platform, employees have the ability to pop in when they have a few spare minutes to complete a course or look up a piece of information. If you see an employee doing this often, you know they’re engaged.

Look and see who is actually using the platform consistency. Just because someone has completed a lot of training tasks doesn’t mean they’re engaged. Employees who are consistently logging in to access information or repeat training are the true ones that are engaging with your platform.

3. What’s the buzz around your program?

Have you heard what your employees are saying about your training program? Have you asked? Get employee feedback about your training and find out if they actually enjoy it or think it’s beneficial. Does it help them work through their day-to-day duties or is it a burden? Employees and organizational leaders alike want ways to increase their productivity in the workplace, not drag them down. Make sure your training doesn’t waste your employees’ time, as that only adds stress.

Make sure to include the right training for the right people and offer up ways for employees to apply it to their daily job duties. If you can section out your training or highlight what’s important for certain jobs, even better! You’ll know you’re on the right track if people talk about the program as a means to make their work easier, if it adds value, and helps create a better overall experience.

If your training misses the mark, it may be time for an update. Get your hands on a training platform that adds to the employee experience, not one that hurts it. Get a demo of Bigtincan Zunos today!



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