Bigtincan Hub Offers Day One Support for iOS11

It’s that time of the year again, Apple is about to announce its latest operating system for mobile devices, iOS11 – together with some pretty advanced new hardware. For people around the world who use an iPhone or iPad to do their work, this can be a stressful time. Too often, iOS updates are accompanied by the frustration of users whose corporate apps simply stop working or are incompatible with the updates. This can prevent them from doing their work. And in our field of sales, this could mean the difference between a new account win, and a new account loss. Furthermore, this can be an equally difficult time for business administrators, sales managers, digital marketers, and IT teams. They have been trying for months to get ready for the latest version of iOS, but as their teams start to upgrade personal or company supplied devices, problems can and often

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Bigtincan Hub a Winner at the 2017 SIIA CODiE Awards

Winning the 2017 CODiE award for the Best Sales Enablement Platform meant a lot to us here at Bigtincan. The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) put together an incredible event at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco and our president, Patrick Welch, was on-hand to accept the award on behalf of our entire team. Now that the excitement has died down, we’re reflecting on what this award is all about and why we at Bigtincan are so proud to have won it. SIIA has been running the CODiE’s since 1993 (and one could say even earlier from the previous Excellence in Software Awards), offering a way for the software industry to recognize the best software products on an annual basis. Through independent judging and demo evaluations, the CODiE’s not only highlight the best in software, but provide prospective customers with unbiased assessments to help them compare and contrast different

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Smart Selling Tools Review of Bigtincan Hub

“How can your salespeople move more deals through the pipeline? Well, making every interaction count is a great place to start!” Check out Smart Selling Tools founder Nancy Nardin’s video review of Bigtincan Hub to learn how we can take your selling team to the next level. Ready to take the next step? Click here for a free 30-day trial of Bigtincan Hub!

Big week for Bigtincan

Last week was an exciting one for Bigtincan as we attended the SiriusDecisions Summit in Las Vegas and the Salesforce World Tour London event. At both events last week, we showcased our Hub technology and explained how it works to help sales people to win more deals and get more done everyday. We were amazed by how many of you came up to us at the booth to say that you had heard about the Hub on our blog and social channels – so we wanted to take a minute to say Thank You! It was also very exciting to meet so many of our customers and to be able to talk to you about how the Hub is helping your teams. It was helpful and inspiring for us to hear about the very interesting enhancements to the Hub that you would like to see in future release – so

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The One Time it’s Good to be a ‘Maverick’

  It’s good to be a maverick. And not just when flying F14s or singing “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling”  Bigtincan has just been featured by the Salesforce AppExchange video series, App Mavericks. The App Mavericks series introduces Salesforce customers to cool new apps through the eyes of Salesforce super-users and MVPs.  The series gives viewers a fast track view of how exciting technology, like Bigtincan Hub, can be used to drive the success and productivity of sales people using Salesforce and the AppExchange. For Bigtincan, it was a great opportunity to work with Shell Black, President of and Salesforce MVP, to review what Bigtincan Hub is all about and how the tools work. Best of all, the video includes a quick (and yes we mean quick – 60 second) review of how the Hub works on iPad, on the Web, inside Salesforce Sales Cloud and even in email. Check out

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Bigtincan Featured as a Top Sales Tool of 2017

A big thank you to sales tech blogger and selling guru Nancy Nardin and Smart Selling Tools @sellingtools for featuring Bigtincan in their fifth annual Top Sales Tools of the Year Guide! We think Nancy has curated a fantastic list of the best sales tools to: Help salespeople convert more calls into appointments Alert salespeople to who’s most likely to buy right now Handle inbound leads fast and effectively Motivate and excite your entire organization As people become more aware of how important sales enablement tools are to business, we believe that guides like these will be critical in helping businesses win more in the market and improve sales teams’ productivity. So, head over to Smart Selling Tools and grab the free guide to discover how cool technology like Bigtincan Hub can empower your teams for more sales success!

Bigtincan Takes Top Prize in Salesforce Demo Jam

On Tuesday, the Bigtincan team joined the New York Salesforce community of users and partners for the Salesforce World Tour. It was a great event and we wanted to send a big thank you to all of you who turned up to say hello. This event was especially exciting for us, as we were invited to go head-to-head against four other top startups who have created some fantastic technology around the ecosystem in what Salesforce call their “Demo Jam”. Demo Jam is an opportunity for attendees at Dreamforce to get a fast-paced showcase of the best new technology all in one place. All competitors have to be on the AppExchange and have exciting, powerful technology that makes the life of Salesforce users and administrators better. Each participating company had three minutes to give an elevator-pitch type demo without the use of any slides or recordings. Everything is completely live!

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Top Five Capabilities Sales People Need to Give Winning Presentations – #2 “Wow” the viewer

So far we’ve shared three key capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations: empower salespeople with the right presentation at the right time, make presentations interactive and keep it simple! Now it’s time for the #2 capability – it’s time to “Wow” the viewer. Moving from slide to slide and talking to the points written on the screen can certainly be a monotonous experience for both the presenter and the audience. Easy-to-use annotation and slide control promotes engagement, which can be the difference between winning and losing a key deal. Traditional PC-based approaches that are integrated with tools like Microsoft PowerPoint are great for knowledge workers, but for sales people, things are never that simple. You only need to put yourself in the place of that sales person trying to present successfully from their mobile device in that moment of stress and it’s easy to see how the tools

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Top Five Capabilities Sales People Need to Give Winning Presentations – #3 Simplify presenting!

Last week we shared the first two of the five top capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations – empower salespeople with the right presentation at the right time and make presentations interactive. The third capability is less about the delivery and more about the approach to creating presentations – keep it simple! We’ve all been there – we’re in front of our top customer about to give – what we hope – will be a winning presentation and suddenly, the technology fails and the deal is at risk. Using solutions that make it easy for a non-technical sales person to use and become ‘screw-up proof’ is critical for presentation success. Giving salespeople that feeling of confidence is vital for winning presentations. Making it easy to present is more than an idea, it needs to be built into the core of the tools you use to empower sales teams.

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Top Five Capabilities Sales People Need to Give Winning Presentations

Sales professionals know that giving a successful presentation can be the difference between closing a deal and losing a deal. Prospects expect to be blown away by the slickness of the presentation, the intelligence of the content and the confidence of the presenter. While you can’t have one without the other, there are several critical capabilities that sales enablement technologies can provide to help give salespeople an advantage.. Over the next week, we’ll share the five top capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations. First up, number five: Empowering salespeople with the right presentation at the right time. A winning presentation is already successful before getting in front of the customer when it is created using the most relevant and timely content. Too many salespeople waste time attempting to revamp old, out-of-date decks and laboring through files for anything that fits, in order to avoid “reinventing the wheel.” Oftentimes

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