Financial Services

The investment products that financial advisors sell are quite diverse and some are quite complex to explain to clients. As each client’s objectives are different – depending on their life stage, net worth and goals for achieving important financial milestones – mapping the right content to use with the right client at the right time can be a real challenge. And to complicate matters, financial services content needs to be tightly controlled in order to meet compliance with government regulations.

Bigtincan® provides a mobile sales enablement platform that provides financial professionals – wealth advisors, asset managers, insurance agents and bank associates – with a wide variety of content in order to improve the way they connect with clients.

  • Automatically deliver the right content directly to an advisor’s mobile device
  • Present any type of content on a mobile device with complete confidence (off or on-line)
  • Intuitive interface that provides an easy to use consumer app experience
  • Provides a guided selling approach for advisors that really engages with clients
  • Measures content utilization to see what experts use, share that knowledge and grow sales
  • Governs content usage and provides an audit trail to ensure compliance with regulations

It all starts with having the right content to use at the right time
Bigtincan has partnered with industry experts in financial services that have created, aggregated and organized financial content that allows advisors to engage clients across different financial products, different investor profiles and different investment strategies.

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Bigtincan’s partner FMeX provides Content-As-A-Service to the financial services industry, offering the world’s largest content library built exclusively for the financial services industry with a single goal of helping financial professionals provide timely, relevant and personalized content in order to enhance client relationships and increase sales.


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