Mobile Sales Enablement Solutions for Retail

Transform your customer’s shopping experience

To win in today’s challenging business environment, retailers need to transform their customers’ shopping experiences.

Whether it’s in-store interactions with sales associates, phone conversations with customer service personnel, or chat sessions with online sales reps, the goal is to make the customer experience more personalized and positive.

To achieve this clienteling-style of selling across channels, retailers need to empower their associates with the content and tools needed to reshape the shopping experience.

Bigtincan Hub provides retail sales and service associates with more intelligent, automated, and agile ways to dynamically serve their customers. For busy associates, Bigtincan Hub gives them instant access to corporate training, product information, instore merchandising ideas, and collaborative messaging right on their mobile devices.

Bigtincan Hub is optimized for Apple’s iOS 11 and works exceptionally well on iPhones and iPads.

Following are brief descriptions of some of the top use cases for Bigtincan Hub in retail environments.

Sales enablement – Bigtincan Hub provides sales associates with all the content and information they need to make every customer interaction a truly distinctive experience. It delivers all of this key content automatically and dynamically to associates via their favorite mobile devices.

Training – With AI-driven automation, Bigtincan Hub makes onboarding faster, and coaching and learning more efficient. It provides a formal, adaptive learning environment in which the right content is provided to staff based on their personas, roles, skill levels, locations and more.

Collaboration – Bigtincan Hub provides communication features that make it easy for retailers to strengthen their team collaboration. It includes secure messaging for individuals and groups, real-time video and audio chat, and tools for linking content to social networks. It also makes it easy for staff to conduct on-line meetings and to broadcast presentations to participants at remote sites.

Merchandise execution – Bigtincan Hub automatically pushes the latest and most relevant visual merchandising, pricing, and promotional content directly to inventory associates’ mobile devices. With enhanced content, associates can eliminate guesswork, reduce errors, and improve the speed and accuracy of their in-store merchandise execution.

In the changing retail landscape, success goes to companies that embrace intelligent, automated and agile ways to service their customers. That is precisely what Bigtincan Hub delivers.

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