Sales Enablement isn’t just a hot business buzzword. At its core, it means equipping your sales team with the strategic resources they need to succeed. This can include tools, technology, content, and beyond. Businesses today are on the hunt for new solutions to today’s sales challenges, and increasingly, are turning to Sales Enablement software as a long-term solution.

By artfully blending together interactive selling experiences with industry-leading sales training, Sales Enablement software empowers the modern seller to connect with buyers and motivates sales teams to be more efficient and more profitable.

The best Sales Enablement platforms are those that offer capabilities beyond the standard content management functionality and are designed to adapt to the way your team operates.

The new generation of Sales Enablement Platforms

Sales Enablement has gained traction with organizations around the world, and Sales Enablement Platforms have been constantly evolving to become more advanced and comprehensive to meet the increasing demand.

Sales and marketing leaders across industries now recognize that it’s a combination of technologies beyond sales content management that are crucial components for seller productivity. 

As a result, enablement platforms have expanded their capabilities to address additional areas including sales coaching and training, internal communications, and document automation.

Aside from these additional capabilities, many vendors have enhanced the content management capabilities of their platforms to provide a gateway to more immediate content impact reporting and getting more relevant, accurate content to sellers.

Automation is shaping the future of Sales Enablement

Automation has become a core component of many software tools for both consumers and businesses. 

For businesses, the benefit of automation comes down to saved time and money with streamlined processes.

A recent Bigtincan survey reveals additional key insights into how AI and automation technology can simplify the sales process especially for those individuals already using Sales Enablement technology. 

Of the survey respondents, 30 percent of non-Sales Enablement users cite slow response times as the biggest driver of lost sales, and another 27 percent point to the fact that there are too many manual tasks. 

Overall, the survey demonstrates how critical technology tools are in not only driving efficiency, but in fostering meaningful engagement touchpoints with prospects and customers to drive deal closure. 

Sales Enablement Automation Platforms are able to automate various manual tasks such as logging meetings, content delivery/discovery, and provide content recommendations via machine learning and AI — making sales and marketing teams more efficient and effective, and freeing up their bandwidth to focus on more critical tasks. 

Introducing opportunities to learn and grow

For companies investing in training and coaching programs, the best Sales Enablement software will offer a built in LMS with the ability to deliver sales training and coaching content to your sellers. It will also be able to easily integrate with any other training and coaching software you already have in place.

Sales Enablement solutions that leverage modern learning techniques bring sellers — whether new or seasoned — up to speed quickly, and improve information retention in the long run. 

As a result, your company will save money on training and coaching costs, have more competent sales teams, and have the ability to track individual progress through the analytics that Sales Enablement Platforms can provide. 

Why Sales Enablement Software works

The best Sales Enablement platforms work for three key reasons. 

For one, they enable sellers to enter customer engagements equipped with the content and knowledge to address customer’s needs and handle objections. When customers see you as an advisor over just a seller, they are more likely to trust you throughout the buyer journey.

Second, enablement platforms adapt to how sellers work and drastically reduce the amount of different sales softwares needed on a day-to-day basis. They are also highly integratable, allowing organizations to leverage their other sales software investments from within the enablement platform.

And lastly, the best Sales Enablement platforms are easy to use. Ease of use is crucial to the adoption of any sales software. Top enablement platforms provide an intuitive interface that makes it simple for even your least tech savvy sellers to be able to navigate and utilize. 

How we use our own platform at Bigtincan to drive value

Here are just a few ways we use Sales Enablement software internally to drive extra value for our Sales Enablement initiatives:

  • Sales content management – Bigtincan’s dynamic content delivery provides tailored content recommendations to each member of our sales team. Our salespeople are also notified via push notification when new content is available or older content has been updated.We use the home page of Bigtincan Hub to promote content that we really want our sellers to see as well as displaying what content is popular amongst the team. From there, members of our team can navigate through the platform to discover content, or use our intelligent search to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.

    Our marketing team is the primary owner of the platform as they are responsible for creating the content, uploading it into the platform, and administering its usage. For them, this is a simple way to ensure all our content is easily accessible for our team, on brand, and aligns with our messaging.

    Our marketers also utilize the usage data provided by our platform to determine which content is effective and is impacting revenue.

  • Internal communications - Using Bigtincan’s internal communication features, our team can like, comment, and provide feedback on content. We also have a content request form where our sellers can formally ask our marketing team for new content that they need for customer engagements.Another way we use our internal communication features to spread company news and updates. This has been crucial to us during the pandemic as we have been to quickly and effectively spread information and updates regarding the situation to our entire global team.
  • Sales Coaching & Training - As a growing global company with employees all over the US and abroad, providing in-person personal development opportunities to everyone is extremely difficult.With Bigtincan Zunos, we are able to deliver training and onboarding materials to all of our employees, wherever they are located. We can also monitor completion rates and progress to be able to determine the effectiveness of our sales coaching, training, and onboarding initiatives.

    Our team has expressed that Zunos has made learning more enjoyable because it’s interactive experiences and the friendly competition that gamification brings into the mix. We also use video sales coaching to mimic in-person coaching. By doing so we have cut down on travel costs and put back time into the days of our salespeople.

  • Document automation - As one of the latest additions to the Bigtincan platform, document automation has already saved our sales team hours a week.Our team used to have to manually look up and enter information into templates to customize documents such as price sheets and order forms. With Bigtincan automation, this process has been simplified to a click of a button.

    We are currently working on various other ways to utilize our document automation software internally, and look forward to sharing with you in the near future.

  • Content Governance - Unique to the Bigtincan platform is our content governance features that reduces the quantity and increases the quality of the assets that we provide to our sales team. Our system-driven enforcement of taxonomy hierarchy and standardized asset types, sophisticated content ownership model, automated content lifecycle management model drives a close collaboration between our marketing, sales, and product teams on sales collateral.

Now that you are more aware of the value of Sales Enablement technology tools, check out our vendor evaluation guide to learn best practices for determining which Sales Enablement platform is best suited for your organization.