We’ve reached the end of our blog series on the five key capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations. Today we’re sharing the number one capability that is vital for delivering the most effective and powerful presentations – the ability to present from any device, anywhere.

Every sales person knows how important it is to be ready to engage with a prospect from their desk, the meeting room, a Starbucks or even on a transcontinental flight. When presenting, it’s critical that all the key materials are available and ready to be used online or offline, in-person or remotely.

Remote sales teams need technical support more than others, which is why we integrated presentation broadcasting technology into Bigtincan Hub, allowing a sales person to share their presentation without having to start a WebEx, have the customer install software or download an app.

But what’s key here again is that, while presenting anything from anywhere on any device sounds great – how do you make that easy? With the Hub, users can flow from one device to another, and the system will know where you were and allow you to pick up where you left off.

It’s time to get serious about enabling your sales team to give the best presentations possible, and we hope that the top 5 capabilities are a good place to start. To start your free 30-day trial of Bigtincan Hub visit: https://www.bigtincan.com/free-trial/

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