Last week we shared the first two of the five top capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations – empower salespeople with the right presentation at the right time and make presentations interactive. The third capability is less about the delivery and more about the approach to creating presentations – keep it simple!

We’ve all been there – we’re in front of our top customer about to give – what we hope – will be a winning presentation and suddenly, the technology fails and the deal is at risk. Using solutions that make it easy for a non-technical sales person to use and become ‘screw-up proof’ is critical for presentation success. Giving salespeople that feeling of confidence is vital for winning presentations.

Making it easy to present is more than an idea, it needs to be built into the core of the tools you use to empower sales teams. Creating “easy” starts with how the salesperson finds the right content, bookmarks it for later use, connects to external screens (who hasn’t had a problem with that – remember F5?), being able to start the presentation from any point, and then being able to speak to the content with confidence that the screen is showing what you expect it to show.

At Bigtincan, we created Bigtincan Hub to make this process incredibly easy for the non-IT expert salesperson. With design help from the folks at Apple, and hundreds of the world’s leading enterprise organizations as clients, we’ve learned over and over again how important it is to give sales reps a tool they love to use. We’ve taken all that experience and created a sales content management system that understands how to make it easy – including finding content, connecting to and adjusting external screens, ensuring presentations kick off in presentation view with a single touch (no fumbling for that presentation start button) and work entirely offline. The Hub helps sales reps find and bookmark, not only individual presentations, but multiple presentations in a collection (we call that a bookmark stack) that they can reuse anytime.

If you are serious about giving reps what they need to succeed in front of clients, don’t forget the pain points that come along with selling. Give your reps simple, powerful tools that make presentations easy.

Check back later this week for the #2 capability sales people need to give winning presentations!