So far we’ve shared three key capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations: empower salespeople with the right presentation at the right time, make presentations interactive and keep it simple!

Now it’s time for the #2 capability – it’s time to “Wow” the viewer.

Moving from slide to slide and talking to the points written on the screen can certainly be a monotonous experience for both the presenter and the audience. Easy-to-use annotation and slide control promotes engagement, which can be the difference between winning and losing a key deal.

Traditional PC-based approaches that are integrated with tools like Microsoft PowerPoint are great for knowledge workers, but for sales people, things are never that simple. You only need to put yourself in the place of that sales person trying to present successfully from their mobile device in that moment of stress and it’s easy to see how the tools needed are different than standard productivity tools.

That’s why inside Bigtincan Hub we’ve made it easy to control and modify slides. The Hub puts the power to control the presentation back into the hands of any sales rep who is not an IT expert. What’s more, the Hub unites the view, controls and interaction of slide decks in one simple yet powerful interface.

Next up – the #1 capability sales people need to give winning presentations – stay tuned!