The Top 5 Challenges in Retail

Transform Your Customer’s Shopping Experience

Retail is a complex and difficult industry – rapidly changing, often unpredictable, and always unforgiving. For proof, just think back to high flyers like Circuit City, Sports Authority, Radio Shack, Blockbuster, and Borders – all out of business today.

This paper discusses some of the key sales challenges retailers are dealing with as they look to the future. It also discusses some of the ways sales enablement software can help them to deliver evolved and differentiated in-store experiences that will stand out in their customers’ minds.

The 5 Challenges this eBook covers:

  1. Countering the ‘Amazon Effect’
  2. Increasing sales associate productivity and knowledge
  3. Maximizing store performance – information sharing and learning
  4. Orchestrating omnichannel effectively
  5. Engaging customers in new conversations


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