A lot of enterprise companies know sales enablement will help their sales team perform better, but they’re not sure how to get started. Sometimes, they’ll talk to a sales enablement consultant, who will come in and evaluate their processes and recommend tools and best practices. Other times, they’ll go straight to a sales enablement software vendor who will immediately onboard them to their software and expect the customer to learn how to use it.

Neither approach is good for enterprise companies.

In fact, our years of experience have shown us that the biggest challenge lies between those two steps: the best sales enablement consulting helps an organization actually integrate sales enablement tools into their sales processes.

This results in true sales enablement improvement: actually helping reps get the content they need to sell — in practice, not in theory.

During this consulting process, questions like this get answered:

  • How do I organize my files in the sales enablement tool in a way that makes it fast for reps to find the file they need when they need it?
  • Which sales tools or features are best for me?
  • Do my sales enablement tools need to be separate for different use cases (training content vs sales content) or can I do it all in one tool?
  • How do I get my salespeople to actually adopt this system?
  • How do I roll it out across my company in a way that everyone will understand and quickly get on board?

And that’s the exact problem we solve with Bigtincan. We do this with two things:

  1. A full suite of sales enablement tools in one platform. Including software for sales content management, sales analytics, training and coaching, document automation, and more. And all of these tools can be custom-tailored to your needs. Think of us as the bridge between out of the box and custom software.
  2. Consulting from our global success team of sales enablement experts to help you map out your existing sales process and find ways to make it more efficient using software tools. We’ll help you customize the Bigtincan platform to fit your needs, and roll it out across your organization in a way that makes sense and gets mass adoption.

Below, we’ll show you exactly how we do that.

To see how Bigtincan’s Sales Enablement Consulting Service can help you custom-tailor the Bigtincan platform for your sales team and current sales process, book a demo now.

What is Sales Enablement Consulting? 

“Sales enablement” consulting has become a catchword that covers any and all sales consulting topics.

  • Training
  • Tools
  • Content
  • Processes
  • Almost any tool or process related to sales

Despite this all-encompassing use of the term, sales enablement, specifically, is about the systems your company uses to get content to your sales team. Content they need to sell (product info, sales decks, playbooks, etc.) along with the training content they need for onboarding and ongoing training.

Why Sales Enablement Is a Technology and Software Issue

How you give your sales team access to all of this content is a technology and software issue because all of this sales enablement content (which you are probably already storing in one or more online repositories or databases) needs to be uploaded into software of some kind.

This software dictates how straightforward it is for sales reps to search for, find and use sales and training content. How well the software integrates with your organization’s existing workflows and processes dictates how many employees actually use it.

Most Sales Enablement Consultants Don’t Think about Your Organization’s Software Enough 

But most sales enablement consultants or consulting firms only consider which software to implement at the end of a long consulting and analysis process that ends with a mostly abstract sales enablement strategy report. Although they may recommend a sales enablement platform for you to use, you will be left with the problem of customizing it for your own workflows, implementing it, and actually getting your sales team to use it effectively.

At Bigtincan we solve exactly this problem. We are a sales enablement software company that not only provides you with a software solution to give easy access your sales enablement content but, when you want to take your sales enablement efforts to the next level, we also offer you the option of a comprehensive consulting component to:

  • Figure out what you need from your sales enablement software.
  • Fully custom-tailor our sales enablement software platform for your organization’s needs.
  • Implement it quickly and efficiently so your sales team can start using your content as soon as possible.

Bigtincan’s Global Success Team Works as a Consultancy to Identify Your Needs and Custom-Tailor Our Implementation to You

Both during and after our sales process our Global Success Team works with your organization to help outline your process, figure out where you can improve your workflows and methodologies with sales enablement tools, and help you build a system that works.

Right from the product demo stage, through the sales process, and onboarding, we focus on your existing sales process, changes that need to be made and then take you through everything you need to know to configure the platform on your own, or get our Global Success Team to do it for you.

We’ve worked with several enterprise organizations — seven of the Fortune 10, for example — and we leverage that experience to suggest when, where and how to roll out each part of the Bigtincan platform for greatest success and best adoption by your sales team.

The aim is to ensure you get the most out of Bigtincan and that means fully custom-tailoring our platform to fit your sales process and workflow. Our custom-tailoring involves:

  • Completely branding the platform for your organization so that it looks exactly like it was made just for you from scratch, like in the implementation examples below for an automotive manufacturing enterprise (on the left) and a retail enterprise (on the right). These not only look different, but offer different functionalities based on each organization’s specific needs and workflows.

Examples of how Bigtincan can be customized to fit your company image

  • Setting up a custom homepage or dashboard for your sales team featuring the most useful and most often used links and documents.

Example of Bigtincan's default content management hub
All of this customization, based on the default Bigtincan Content Management Hub shown above, can be done by the team at Bigtincan, or we can give you everything you need to adapt Bigtincan yourself to fit your organization’s workflow.

And, if it turns out you don’t need customization, you can just work with our standard sales enablement platform right out of the box.

Learn more about custom-tailoring Bigtincan for your enterprise and its specific sales process.

Your Sales and Learning Content in a Single Enablement Platform

Bigtincan provides a robust base on which to build your custom-tailored sales enablement platform providing access to all your sales management content and training content from a single mobile-first platform that includes:

Bigtincan’s Sales Content Management Platform 

Bigtincan’s content management system brings together all your content to make it accessible from a single system in just a few clicks, regardless of where it’s stored.

Through Bigtincan, your team can access all your current content by integrating with any other third-party content repository that you already use, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint or Box (you don’t need to migrate all that content onto our system because we automatically link it to the Bigtincan hub so you can access it from there).

This cuts down on the time it takes to track down specific pieces of content across all of the systems you use. This also means departments that use certain cloud repositories (like Google Drive or Sharepoint) can continue to use it even after Bigtincan is rolled out. They don’t have to change their habits or processes, which dramatically increases adoption percentage.

As an example, you can read more about how Bigtincan integrates with and helps organizations using Sharepoint for content management here.

Other features of Bigtincan’s Content Management Hub include:

  • Powerful full-text searches that trawl through all the text in your content to find the exact thing you are looking for. This AI-driven search method also saves you time when uploading content because you don’t need to tag it with keywords so that it can be found later.
  • AI-driven content suggestions for each user suggesting relevant content to users based on their content use history. This places content that users may not be aware of in front of those who may need it most.
  • Easy to use on all devices, anywhere, even offline. The system syncs and offers storage optimization to make it possible to access all content where and whenever you need it regardless of connectivity. If the Internet goes down just before that crucial sales pitch you still have guaranteed access to the latest version of the sales presentation you need.
  • Customer relationship management integrations to access CRM content. Content on Salesforce or other CRMs is also accessible via Bigtincan. Sales records are automatically updated when content is sent to customers, saving sales reps time on updating the CRM.
  • Metrics and analytics for instant feedback on which content is most engaging and useful and provide marketers with data on sales performance, and guide them towards what kind of content needs to be created or updated.

Learn more about Bigtincan content management for enterprise.

Bigtincan’s Learning Hub

Bigtincan Learning is focused on working alongside the learning management system you already use, but it’s mobile-first, AI-powered system makes all that content easier to access and thus increases engagement. It also makes it super easy to create new content, upload it, and distribute it to your teams.

Bigtincan is easily accessible on mobile devices

Busy sales reps out on the road, who previously needed to take time away from their day-to-day client visits, for example, can access required training modules between stops through Bigtincan Learning on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

Because of its focus on proven techniques to increase learning retention, including just-in-time learning, micro-learning and gamification. Sales leaders and managers can also assign sales reps with specific tasks and give feedback using video coaching tools, allowing reps to complete assignments and review feedback in their own time.

Just like our content management system, Bigtincan Learning can be fully custom-tailored and branded.

Learn more about how to customize Bigtincan Learning for your enterprise’s needs.

Or read about how two enterprise retail brands used our learning platform to improve retail training

Other Training Features 

VoiceVibes: Coach Your Sales Reps to Improve the Way They Speak

VoiceVibes is a sales coaching tool that can be added to the Bigtincan platform, which analyzes and provides feedback about how each of your sales reps sounds when they talk to leads and customers. This innovative tool was designed by speech, acoustic psychology and data science experts.

VoiceVibes homepage

It goes further than most conversation analytics software by generating a detailed report on each conversation and provide accurate insights on the “vibes” detected (and perceived by whoever your sales reps are speaking to) including whether your rep sounds confident, assertive, and clear, or even if they sound boring, detached, or condescending (of a list of 20 positive and negative”vibes” that VoiceVibes detects).

The feedback given can be used as a coaching tool to improve your sales team’s communication to make them sound more professional and personable, by designing assignments that your sales reps can work on whenever they need to.

Learn more about how to leverage voice analytics to improve seller performance.

ClearSlide: Analyzes Customer Engagement in Real Time

ClearSlide is a sales enablement tool that provides direct feedback by monitoring customer engagement in real-time while sales meetings are in progress. 

Clearslide homepage

The difference between ClearSlide and most other sales feedback tools is that it monitors customer engagement and interest in the conversation, rather than focusing exclusively on the sales rep’s performance. 

When they host a call on ClearSlide’s web conferencing platform, sales reps are immediately alerted when their prospect is no longer engaged in the conversation or presentation because they have become distracted by something else or are viewing another window on their browser, for example. This gives reps a unique opportunity to re-engage the customer by asking a question, or changing their approach or tone of voice. 

Brainshark: Onboard, Train and Up-Skill Customer-Facing Teams

Brainshark is a sales enablement and readiness platform focused on course authoring, course content creation, one-to-one video coaching and readiness scorecards to help users train, coach and assess the buyer-readiness of all customer-facing teams.

Brainshark homepage

Combined with Bigtincan’s sales content usage and buyer engagement analytics, Brainshark’s insights into sales training and coaching performance allow companies to measure the impact of customer-facing actions on revenue and company performance.

Bigtincan Document Automation: Speeding Up Content Creation

Bigtincan Automation streamlines the document creation process whenever you need to create new content. It generates personalized documents and presentations by pulling data from connected sources.

By automating many of the processes usually required to create new content Bigtincan dramatically reduces the time it takes to author new content.

For example, you can read about how we help financial services companies save hundreds of hours of employee time a quarter with our document automation.

Bigtincan: An All-in-One Solution for Sales Enablement Consulting and Software Implementation

Bigtincan offers enterprises a sales enablement consulting service, through our Global Success Team, as well as a fully customizable software solution that improves access to and engagement with your current sales and LMS content.

We help you identify how to improve your sales enablement process, suggest how best to organize your content, and give your teams streamlined access to it through the Bigtincan Hub and Bigtincan Learning.

We’ve already helped hundreds of companies implement Bigtincan — including seven of the Fortune 10 — and can help you, too.

To see how Bigtincan’s Sales Enablement Consulting Service can help you custom-tailor the Bigtincan platform for your sales team and current sales process, book a demo now.