Do you sell to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)?

Do you sell pharmaceuticals? Perhaps you sell medical devices? Maybe lab equipment?

You understand how hard it is to get their time and attention. HCPs have long been challenging to find time to meet with, leading to lost workforce productivity and rushed interactions that fail to educate them on your offerings fully.

Add to this a global pandemic, and the ability to get face-to-face time has never been more challenging. Lockdowns at the local or country-level seem to come and go with little notice, wreaking havoc not only with human health but also with your ability to plan, sell, and meet your business goals.

This blog will cover how to solve these challenges, get more quality time with HCPs, remain in compliance with local laws and regulations, and meet your sales targets.

Options for communicating with, and selling to, HCPs in 2021

Emails, Phone calls, and Texting

These solutions can work as attention-grabbers, but for many HCPs, these communication vehicles are more noise to be filtered out and ignored.

If you are dealing with covid patients, do you have time to read a sales person's text?

Even if you can get their attention, you are unlikely to have a meaningful conversation, much less one that is in-line with compliance and legal requirements. Is the solution you are about to share with them even legal to sell where they reside?

While these options move us closer to our goals, they still fall short. Let's continue onto other possibilities.

Remote Detailing

If you have been selling to HCPs for any length of time, you have likely heard of remote detailing (also called e-detailing or electronic detailing).

For those of you who are unfamiliar, here is the definition of remote detailing:

Remote detailing digitizes sales content and provides it on a mobile device. That makes it possible to be interactive and more enjoyable to HCPs. It also ensures that presentations are trackable, providing data to help you better meet HCP needs.

In other words, remote detailing makes it possible to have effective remote conversations in a way that keeps your compliance team happy. It also enables the delivery and tracking of great presentations and experiences that benefit the HCP and the seller.

Remote detailing, delivered via robust solutions like our Agnitio product line, Veeva, Iqvia, and others, enables the delivery of compliance-approved, interactive content in a trackable manner that will provide insights to your sellers and MSL teams and the business as well.

Remote detailing helps the HCP, your business, and you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

The downside?

The lack of face-to-face communications that enable you to look people in the eyes and build a truly human connection is missing -- and it is a powerful tool.

We are close to a solution that will genuinely transform this relationship for the better. Let's keep going.

Adding the "human-touch" to remote detailing

While video-based communications are not as powerful as face-to-face for building relationships, they are far superior to other market options. Relationships rise or fall with every customer touchpoint, so you need to do all you can to increase the value every time.

Not convinced of the power of face-to-face?

As Hilton shared via the Washington Post wrote, "MIT's Human Dynamics Lab spent hundreds of hours tracking performance drivers across industries by collecting data from electronic badges that covered everything from tone of voice to body language. The results showed unequivocally that the most valuable communication is done in-person, and that typically 35 percent of the variation in a given team's performance was explained by the number of times team members actually spoke face-to-face."

If the MIT Human Dynamics Lab research didn't convince you, think about this article sharing stats on Medium: "According to a study by Forbes Insight, 85% of people say they build stronger, more meaningful business relationships during in-person meetings and conferences. While video and conference calls can certainly be convenient, there's no denying the effectiveness of meeting in-person. It focuses on human connection, requires all participants to be fully present, and is free from distractions."

Before we dive deeply into why you need video conferencing as part of your remote detailing efforts, let's step back a moment to clarify the various solutions we provide in this area to eliminate confusion.

Agnitio Live

Agnitio Live is a newly released product offering from our Agnitio brand, and it has been built for Life Sciences companies that need a secure virtual platform. It brings a robust video conferencing solution to remote detailing without requiring customers to buy a large, complex suite of products.

Life Sciences customers who need a secure environment for remote detailing should look to this product. If you care about legal and regulatory compliance, this is the solution for you.

ClearSlide by Bigtincan

If you sell to HCPs and do not have compliance concerns but want a live meeting solution with content management built-in, you should consider our ClearSlide solution.

Bigtincan integration with Microsoft Teams

Customers who have made the investment in Microsoft Teams who are also seeking to empower their customer-facing teams with rich digital content at the time of need should be looking to use this solution.

Bigtincan Users with Zoom and other live meeting solutions

The entire Bigtincan solution runs great from inside of any Live Meeting software. However, at the moment, Microsoft Teams is the only Live Meeting solution with a full integration available for planning, presentation, and delivery of rich experiences and interactive content.

Benefits of live meeting capabilities for Remote Detailing

Remember our goals for this article?

You need more quality time with HCPs, to remain in compliance with local laws and regulations, and to meet your sales targets.

Remote Detailing, with Agnitio, has long solved the compliance challenges that lead to effective conversations.

Throughout this article, we've shown that face-to-face, even when emulated via video, is the best option for building relationships and having quality conversations (i.e., time) with anyone, including HCPs.

While remote detailing has been around for quite some time, the addition of video conferencing, which simulates the face-to-face experience of in-person meetings, helps you meet this goal.

Now, just with a web browser, you can run remote detailing sessions – anywhere, any time – in a way that's easy, personal, compelling, and compliant - enabling a video-conferencing experience that's powered by data and meets the realities of life sciences.

A benefit of Agnitio LIVE being completely browser-based is that the HCPs will not need to download an app or install a plugin for the browser.

Many HCPs, restricted by their internal IT and are not allowed to install apps or plugins. Agnitio LIVE uses standard web technologies meaning HCPs will always be able to access a meeting without fear of being restricted by their IT setup.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you more effectively sell to HCPs, while remaining in compliance, contact us today.