A Quick Look at the Microsoft Dynamics Integration with LinkedInThe sales productivity market continues to jump, with businesses all over the world realizing the benefits they can get from the latest technology to help their sales team win more deals and be more productive. And some of the world’s biggest technology companies are doing more and more to support these efforts.

Most of us are aware of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, which Satya Nadella said would allow Microsoft to combine the power LinkedIn with some of its key offerings. Well, just this week Microsoft announced it would be integrating LinkedIn data into the Dynamics 365 CRM system, enabling new features, such as the ability to pull data from a salesperson’s email, calendar and LinkedIn relationships to help gauge how warm of a lead a prospect might be.

Certainly, this is what the folks in Redmond had in mind when they made the LinkedIn acquisition, and shows how critical smart data is to improving sales performance.

At Bigtincan, we have been working with sales teams since our foundation to help improve their performance in front of customers and win more deals with intelligent, machine learning technologies – that we call SalesAI. Sales enablement technologies can have a big impact on sales productivity, particularly by recommending information and content that sales people can use to improve how they work. But what’s even better for sales people is that Bigtincan empowers reps with core functions and features that work directly inside CRM systems like Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics. This means that sales reps can experience the power of Bigtincan, regardless of how or where they work, on what device, online or offline.

Now with new LinkedIn data being made available in Dynamics, our smart Bigtincan Hub recommendations will be combined with that data to help sales people have even more content and information at their fingertips to improve success. Bigtincan’s SalesAI recommendations will appear inside Dynamics (as this blog image shows) and allow the sales person to view, share, and even automatically send that recommended content to their mobile device.

This is not the last we will hear from the ‘big guys’ about how their tools can help sales people, but you can expect that Bigtincan will be there to add value to how these systems work, to help sales teams, and of course, to support sales ops and sales management to understand more about how their teams work everyday.

We’re excited to see how Microsoft continues to utilize the power of LinkedIn to enable sales people who use Dynamics.