We’ve been to New York and London and now we’re incredibly excited to join the Salesforce community at Salesforce World Tour Boston on May 31, 2017. Boston is our hometown, which is why we are going all out for the occasion. We’ll have booth-side demos and giveaways, an engaging presentation from ADP, a cocktail event co-sponsored with Conga and more! Register now (if you haven’t already), follow us on Twitter @bigtincan for up-to-the-minute reports from the show floor, and put the following events in your calendar for Wednesday:

Visit Booth #107

Meet with Bigtincan reps for on-site demos and giveaways.

Live Speaking Session with ADP

Implementing new technologies, across large sales organizations – that everyone will actually want to use – is often easier said than done. Sales reps are flooded with tasks on a daily basis, and are expected to operate at peak efficiency while meeting and exceeding their quotas. If a solution can’t help a rep achieve this, and quickly, it will become just another underutilized and expensive line item in the budget.

So how do you guarantee strong adoption?

ADP discovered that the answer for them was implementing a smarter Sales Enablement platform from Bigtincan – One that provided a solution for inside and field sales reps, made any type of content easy to find and present, and provided a consistent, intuitive experience across any device. The results? ADP continues to hear positive reviews from its global salesforce.

At 4 p.m. in the Partner Theater, join Ellen Oliver, Director of Worldwide Sales Effectiveness at ADP, to learn about how Bigtincan is the missing piece to the puzzle of Sales Enablement and user adoption, and how it has empowered ADP to achieve operational excellence.

Get Happy with Bigtincan and Conga

After the Tour, join Conga and Bigtincan at Towne Stove and Spirits for a Happy Hour/Networking event. Enjoy drinks, snacks and #salesenablement banter before heading home after a long but exciting day! Register here to join the festivities.