<a href=”http://www.aberdeen .com/_aberdeen/Sales-Effectiveness/SENS/practice.aspx”>Aberdeen Group, a leading analyst firm, found that sales teams that encouraged the use of best practices, including training, doubled their participation rate. Sales rep quota attainment was 82% for those that did, versus 39% for sales teams who did not. Aberdeen Group research also identified that top performing, best-in-class sales organizations support their sales reps with important capabilities related to:

– Guided selling methodologies to identify the optimal message & timing at each stage of the sales process

– Centralized repository for sales/marketing content that queues it up based on product and other relevance attributes

bigtincan customers are able to implement this approach by using our Content IQ capabilities coupled with our CRM integration which correlates the specific content that is being used across all stages in the sales process by the highest performing sales representatives.

This knowledge transfer is important for improving the performance of average sales professionals, as is also evident in research from Vantage Point, a leader in sales training. They found that 60-90% of training knowledge was lost in the first 30 days after training, if not immediately. All reps need consistent, continual knowledge reinforcement and transfer of best practices to identify content that works across all deals and all sales stages. It is especially critical to share this knowledge when onboarding new reps in order to reduce both their learning curve and their time-to-revenue productivity.