2019 Aragon Research Globe™ for Sales Engagement Platforms

Bigtincan has been recognized as a leader for the third consecutive year in the Aragon Research Globe™ for Sales Engagement Platforms, 2019.

2018 Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales

Bigtincan has been recognized as “one of the best-established DCMS and sales enablement platform vendors” in the market.

Why Sales Enablement? Survey Results

Here’s what we found after surveying more than 600 U.S. sales executives, working for organizations with 1,000 or more employees across various industries.

GDPR: Sales Enablement & Marketing in the New Era of Compliance

Learn more about the new GDPR regulation and the role sales enablement plays in saying compliant while conducting sales and marketing processes.

Sales Enablement Vendor Evaluation Guide

The Sales Enablement landscape can be overwhelming. So we’ve compiled a guide, with all of the key areas you should evaluate a Sales Enablement vendor in before buying.

Digital sales enablement: where the market is headed, newest approaches, and latest technologies.

Life Sciences: Discover The Right Revenue Formula With Sales Enablement

This eBook describes a sales enablement solution that a growing number of Life Science companies are using to overcome challenges across their commercial operations.

Bigtincan Hub Learning: New Sales and Service Learning Capabilities That Bring Learning to the Process of Work

This eBook discusses the challenges involved with sales onboarding, learning, and coaching, and how Bigtincan Hub Learning can help.

Bigtincan Included In SiriusDecisions’s Sales Asset Management 2016 Report

The Sales Asset Management 2016 report describes the benefits and core capabilities of SAM solutions and provides guidance on how SAM vendors differentiate themselves.

The Problem with Portals: Moving Beyond the Limitations for Mobile Information Access

In this eBook you will learn how to preserve and extend portal investments, and eight characteristics to optimize the portal experience for mobile users.

The Value Shift eBook: Designing and Implementing A Mobile Sales Enablement Strategy

This ebook outlines a sales enablement strategy for designing, executing and managing getting the right sales content at the right time for your sales team, so they can focus more of their time and effort on selling, add more value to their conversations with prospects, and close more deals, faster.

The Value Shift: Sales Content Strategy, The Foundation for Successful Sales Enablement

The confluence of content management processes and technologies with the shift in buyer education and research preferences means that the time is right for companies to adopt a structured sales content program.

Mobile Enablement for Healthcare Providers: Improving Inpatient and Outpatient Care

This exclusive paper examines a mobile content enablement solution that can help clinicians in healthcare organizations securely access and interact with all types of content, share expertise, and automate processes across any mobile device or network.

Mobile Content Revolution in B-to-B Organizations: Gaining Visibility into Content Utilization to Determine the Value of Content

By implementing Content Intelligence, mobile users can easily learn from their colleagues and leverage the domain expertise and the content that works best.

Field Service

Mobile content enablement platforms help improve field team performance, which increases productivity and profitability.

Insurance Mobile Sales Enablement

Mobile sales enablement provides dynamic, on-demand content that can be accessed during any selling situation. It improves execution, reduces costs and increases revenue for insurance carriers of all sizes.

The Currency Of Content

This eBook explores the various facets of the content challenge and outlines a new formula for maximizing content value.

Fighting Back Against Unused Content: How over-creating and under-utilizing content impacts your bottom line

Download the ebook to learn how to combat the issue of unused content.

Transform Your Customer’s Shopping Experience

Download the eBook to learn how to adapt to the ever-changing retail environment to delight customers through Sales Enablement.

Bigtincan Named Sales Engagement Platform Leader by Aragon Research Second Year in a Row

The report highlights Bigtincan’s ease of use, content analytics, Salesforce integration, mobile support and new learning and onboarding capabilities as its top strengths.

AI In Sales: When You Think AI, Think Augmented Intelligence

This paper discusses AI use cases that exist today, and some that are on the way, and presents a new way of thinking of the role that AI will play in sales.

Bigtincan Named Sales Engagement Platform Leader by Aragon Research

The report, which examines 20 providers in the market, identifies Bigtincan as one to watch in guided selling and predictive content. The report also names ease of use, analytics, AI-based content intelligence, Salesforce integration and mobile-first as Bigtincan’s top strengths.

Wearables in the Enterprise

Download the ebook to learn how to embrace wearables as a new way to optimize sales engagements.

The mLearning Mandate

By delivering learning and education on mobile phones, PDAs, or tablets, mLearning allows students to learn virtually anywhere.

Search Is Dead: Accessing Information in the Mobile Moment of Need

The uni-dimensional file/folder construct for information management and search is no longer an appropriate paradigm in a world where content volumes and types are increasing exponentially and device volumes and types are proliferating rapidly.


The significant impact that enterprise mobility can have on a business creates a compelling ROI in a number of key areas for an organization.

Security and Governance for Content Distributed on Mobile Devices

From sales executives to field technicians, the demand for accessing corporate content securely on mobile devices is growing exponentially.

Mobile Sales Enablement

Mobile sales enablement is about providing dynamic, on-demand content that can be accessed during any selling situation.

Mobile Content Enablement

Smartphones and tablets present both the biggest change to end-user computing in the last 20 years, and an opportunity to improve productivity for individual workers, large companies, government organizations and small businesses to change the way they do business and improve operating results.

Moneyball: Use Content Intelligence and Analytics to Build a Successful Sales Team

Now statistical analysis can be used to create a successful sales team through a mutually beneficial partnership between sales and content marketing.