Building enterprise workers’ knowledge, skills, and dedication to the business through social learning is a smart way of driving business success.  But creating a system that can deliver a measurable benefit when deployed across tens or even hundreds of thousands of humans takes a powerful new mix of technology, data science, and human insight to be effective.

At Bigtincan, we’ve focused on building a social learning platform that encourages that success.  While customers deploying Bigtincan technologies understand its uniqueness, and how it enables more than is possible with legacy learning and simple gamification platforms, it’s a good time to talk about the vision - what it has taken to get to the North Star that Bigtincan builds to everyday.

Since our foundation in 2011, we’ve embraced a new way of thinking about learning and information, and built a platform that recognizes the role of computers, web browsers, and other corporate systems, but frees every person to use their mobile device every day, in a way that they feel comfortable. Bigtincan wraps it all up in a “single pane of glass” for enterprise workers, delivering all of the assets and tools they need to do more and deliver more to the business.

Our enterprise content enablement platform, Bigtincan Hub, has been created from the ground up to not only be the cornerstone of this vision, but to take advantage of social learning technologies to create and leverage the amazing skills, experience, and fresh ideas inside the business community. Bigtincan delivers next generation micro-learning and engagement techniques in an intelligent and increasingly mobile way to enable access to existing learning and HRM platforms. 

Adding data science onto that baseline enables any human team to understand and implement this new technology and way of thinking in a way that was previously not possible.  Data science and machine-learning-based recommendation systems allow us to get insights into team performance and can even recommend learning social integration, recommended team mates, guided learning, and more that will empower the flexible and social working environment needed to stay ahead in this challenging commercial time.  Check out this article we wrote about the importance of data science at - social learning’s ability to enable and empower HR is an interesting and potent output.

And whist we are proud of what the Bigtincan Hub delivers for social learning, a broad team is required for driving adoption, knowledge development, and skills. Bigtincan has engaged with the key market leaders including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, and now Bunchball - the leader in gamification for enterprise organizations - to ensure that the technology inside Bigtincan Hub will provide the experience that users want, no matter what device they choose to use.

How to measure the success of learning programs and closing the loop can be framed by the Kirkpatrick Model. Bigtincan’s social learning functionalities add value and drive results in all four Kirkpatrick stages, and also enable teams to bring in Kirkpatrick methodologies into existing LMS systems integrated into the Bigtincan Hub platform.

To help us continue moving towards our North Star, we were pleased to announce that John Moore has recently joined our global team as our VP of Customer Success.  John brings over a decade of experience in knowledge development applied through training and learning technologies with organizations like Brainshark and The Enablement Group (TEG).  John’s vision for the future of social learning, and his practical approach to getting there, is adding real value to Bigtincan’s core technology and product suite.

So, keep an eye out for more from Bigtincan as we continue leadership in the social learning space - from new video-based collaboration technology, VR and AR learning content that ‘just works’ on mobile devices, and improved views into how every user engages with content everyday.  Our North Star for social learning remains our vision and we are looking forward to sharing that journey with companies big and small across the world.